New scam alert ⚠️ -security tips

Good day #tronics
There is a new scam thread on discord fam.

Beware of Scammers concealing links in Discord Messages :skull_and_crossbones:

Please stay vigilant for hidden links that could potentially drain your wallet.

Check picture below​:point_down::point_down:

Let’s stay safe :pray:


They aren’t sleeping
See them with verified check mark everywhere :joy:

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I have been blocking them but they keep coming ei :joy:


You go Block tire, those guys comes in multiples
So best is to avoid them.

Thanks for this Discord inform.
Abeg they should not temper with my DISCORD Mod job if not I will just cry.



:joy::joy::joy::joy: I tell you bro, I block tire ooh

You are waisting your time :joy:

Scamming made Simple with Elon Musk’s X subscription.

Each one for himself, God for us all :pray::joy:


Am I the only one thinking that since Elon, Twitter (X) got more and more bots :joy: getting tagged everyday on some fake airdrop posts.

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More bots than before :joy: X is becoming annoying. I get more than 20 tags from verified accounts each day. Elon why, money has made him forget he said he is against bots :joy::joy::joy:


Lols, I received tons of tagged notification like I won a lotto… rushing to check all scam and spam bots up and down.
This this I don’t bother to block, nor report.

This is why I somehow still don’t like the idea of paying for X blue tick. This gives scammers more hand in carrying out with their illegalities.

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No day passes by without me getting a minimum of 5 of such :joy:

Block what?
How many of them are you going to block. I just leave them and turn the other way

For block, that was me before, wasting my time feeling like I’m blocking spammers…

Now I just see them and walk and pass

:joy::joy::joy::joy: these guys are so annoying

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Hahaha,. Is like you doing Social media bot with emotions?

Sure, it’s even cheap for them because they know how many souls they will rekt


Exactly and this time, once users, especially newbies, see those blue tick they assume it’s legit. This is a serious threat to blockchain adoption because Twitter plays a vital role in crypto industry

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I blame Elon :joy: I think he should increase it if it will remained as paid subscription

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I know it’s useless but I usually block so it disappears from the notifications :joy: otherwise it’s hard to find some notifications I want to check again later :joy:
But yeah it’s a loss of time. Do something Elon :pray:t2:

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