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Hello fam, I am here once again to create some small awareness. We have already seen some signs of bull market and usually scammers start to operate more. Elon has made it easier for scammers to get that blue badged so now it is very difficult to differentiate between the real ones and fake ones.

This piece is for those interested in getting web 3.0 jobs (Mods, ambassadors and others).
They always say experience is the best teacher, I have experienced such tricks and I now it is easy for me to called them out.

Usually they dm and talk about the good thing you have been doing, then they offer you a job opportunity.

If you let them know you are interested, they then give you the name of the site and some code to enter and you visit the site. Please never try to visit that site and key in the code given to you. Immediately you do that they will get access to some of your wallets especially when you use the device you have your wallets on. I experienced this in 2022. About $1k was drained from my wallet. This may be new to the new people on this forum.

Let’s stay extra vigilant this season.
I had a chat with one yesterday and he blocked me immediately I told him it is a scam.


They say that experience is the best teacher, scammers never sleeps, but being vigilant and cautious will be our only option to be safe


You block one of them and other one takes the place… Thanks a lot for awaraness @Prince-Onscolo

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thank you

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It’s quite commendable how blunt you were in the message, more commendable how you’re calling them out and putting this out for newbies to learn on how to dodge the theatrics and deceptive tactics of this scammers as they get overly creative. Personally I’ve been around too deep to easily detect fraudulent vibes and energy when I spot one but not everyone is that lucky and sometimes the best of us runs out of luck, thanks for the awareness.


Thanks so very much for this vital information

Thanks my Big Boss from Ghana, Consider reporting any suspicious account to the platform’s moderators,and by staying vigilant and sharing information.
With this we can create a safer and more trustworthy environment in the web3 space.

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@manfred_jr @Okorie you are all welcome

thanks too

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