Security tips- impersonation

Good day fam, I believe we are all fine.

Please and please, we all know what impersonation is all about. This is just a reminder.

Personally, I have seen two people using my name on twitter, please know who you chat with. These are more on twitter and telegram.

Try and buy all your crypto on exchanges and marketplaces, avoid p2p on social media please.

Let’s stay safe, the person you are talking to may not be the original person you know. Avoid private messages, check admins tag in groups, double check usernames.

Scammers are trying every day to get our cents so please let’s protect ourselves from these.

Thank you and have a nice day


Gracias de nuevo por la información

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You are most welcome bro.:pray:t2:

Thank you for sharing this security tips with us.
Maybe we can make you our SECURITY TIP CHIEF.

Impersonation is one of the tricky way that could lead to Massive scams

Alots can fall to this from newbies to guru

Some impersonation could happen at the highest form of established trust

To avoid this.

Trade from a trust exchange, even at that
Double check before engaging.

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You are right bro, we do not use video chat so it’s very easy to fall for this.

Let’s stay safe and be our brothers keeper :pray:t2:

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Very easy to fall for impersonation scam

We need to be SAFU and double check

Not trusting too much

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Thank you for sharing, we all should be security cautious always, scammers never sleeps, they always invent a new strategy
Please we all should stay safe out there :pray:


Phishing is to be aware of as it is everywhere, good info. Thanks


I once came across a fake verified Vitalik twitter handle doing giveaway. I said this is crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How the hell did he get verified in the first place

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GM Bro.

I have seen lots like fake top influencer doing giveaway on Instagram, twitter.

Even at thst thousands of people will fall to that impersonation scam

Now your questions, how the got verify.



As the tech industry, CRYPTO space is revolving.
Same ways as the scamers improve on their skills, work tools, scamming format.

In all we need to be vigilant,
Help spread SCAMMING format for exposure and caution.

Most important is stay SAFU

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Exactly you have said it all :handshake:

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Literally I haven’t said it all

You can add yours

Thanks for your kind words

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You are welcome sir :pray:

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thank you all for adding your voice,1 more thing don’t trust more. They use this to take advantage of good people


Someone showed once me a website where you can buy verified accounts with tens of thousands of followers. That was before the new blue check for $8 monthly. There were some blue check farmers.


Wow, that is something serious and scammers will be buying those channels like crazy.

With the introduction of $8 a month subscription, it has made the work of scammers even tougher. Cos people double check whoever they are dealing with this time around.
Unlike when the blue check was for some few elites.


Over here we have similar social media follower boast

Payment for verified followers depends on the vendor.

And most of them are filled with bot

Results in low engagement.

Can still be use for impersonation scams

Hmm , do you thinks $8 monthly makes it tougher for scamers.

I do feel that makes it easier for scamer to buy their way up to be legit scammer.

Not in the aspect of buying the blue check for $8 but in the aspect that the blue check can’t fool anyone again, cos it is now open to all and people who fell victim to blue check mark accounts will now have to verify cos everyone these days have that ticker and they dont really need to be anyone special, if only u can pay for it u r good to go.

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