New Shrimp DAPP in BTTC - D Y O R or read :-)

Hey guys,

we are a new ecosystem in BTTC (, we got a dex running (, all contracts verified, we are launching 31st of January our token TORR with lobby-style dapp and on Monday we launch a fun dapp (similar to ethShrimp).
We invite you all to join our telegram (Telegram: Contact @InfiniTorr) and join the fun that is coming on Monday…

Please read more here about our game :

:white_check_mark: TorrentKing GitBook (InfiniTORR TorrentKing - InfiniTORR TorrentKing)

We are featured in some tracking sites :

And about our project in general :
:white_check_mark: InfiniTORR Lite paper (infiniTORR)
:white_check_mark: InfiniTORR GitBook (Welcome to InfiniTORR - InfiniTORR GitBook)
:white_check_mark: TORRSwap GitBook (TORRSwap - InfiniTORR GitBook)




The documentation is very good.

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Hola, he leído toda su documentación y me he inscrito en Telegram, también he visitado su página es interesante. Lo único que echo de menos es no sólo ustedes sino la mayoría de proyectos un Telegram en diferentes idiomas. Gracias

Amazing :heart_eyes: , congratulations to you guys, I love it :kissing_heart:

Congratulations, will check this out

Are we going to see anything from your end in this season 4, ??