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Hi @tausparagus welcome to S4

Random questions if you have a moment to help me understand some more about One Operation:

  1. Are there any strategies in place for handling user feedback and incorporating into future game development?


  1. Do you have plans with partnerships or collaborations with other gaming or blockchain projects, maybe those already on TRON?
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Hi EMerchant,
Thank you.
1- I thought of getting user feedback essentially once we release game on Google play store, but before that there is no explicit strategy other than using email or forum
2- I would love to but currently do not have much connections to be honest, with continued development I believe to have more collaborations


This looks promising, good job :+1:

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Hello Peter
You welcome to Tron Dao forum community

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For the connections go through the builder track and you will have some amazing projects in your category that will be always ready for a partnership. Just send them a DM and they will surely respond and you start from there.

Take the opportunity the forum has to offer. All projects here are ready and willing to partner other projects.


Welcome to TronDao forum community feel free to interact :handshake:

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Since it is a game which involves arithmetic operations, is it recommended for kids?

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Thank you for sharing this game and working up the concept. Keep it up and hopefull you can add backstory to show off the idea.

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For kids we have to be extra careful in checking the guidance before recommendation, but yes definitely would help kids.