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Project Name: One Operation Game - No speed limit for math
Project Track: Web3, NFT, GameFi
Team Name: PieFun
Team Member(s): One member team: @tausparagus
Dorahacks Project Link: One Op Game | Buidls | DoraHacks
Project Goal: Our goal is to introduce simple easy-to-play casual games to Web3
Project Info: Crunch numbers, reach your target number by arithmetic operations. Improve your math and play for fun. Earn game tokens by playing. Claim NFTs as you win.
Whitepaper: oponegame/whitepaper.pdf at main · tausparagus/oponegame · GitHub
Project Website:
Play Web3 One Operation!
Project Test Instructions: Connect with Metamask to the game with BTTC test network. Make sure you have enough BTT. Click play, find your target number by making arithmetic operations. Wait for a bit after play/send for the contract transactions in network. Please check demo video and github repo for more info: GitHub - tausparagus/oponegame
Project Details: A demo video for how to play: Operation One Game - YouTube
Smart Contract links: Contracts available in BTTC test network
OpToken (GOP) Token Tracker | BTTC
Contract Address 0x105394f8f5bcda4b992a0d899bc5844b96edd705 | BTTC
Project Milestones:
Create the first game “One Operation”:

  • Implement, test contracts and deploy to Github.
  • Build frontend web with responsive design.
  • Deploy to BTTC test network.
  • Make game live in a public page.

Play offline:

  • Make game playable offline to attract users.

Deploy to BTTC main network:

  • Update frontend

Enhance user interface:

  • More dynamic and funny features.

Tron integration:

  • Support tronlink wallet.
  • Deploy to TRON main chain

Android app:

  • Make native Android app for the game.
  • Publish in Google Playstore.

2024 and beyond:

  • Introduce new games such as “Okey” and card games.

welcome to Hackatron s4.
You said one should make sure he has enough btt please for gas fees or you need to pay before you play the game. I have some P2E game, i do not need any token if only i have my nfts to use in game.

I am wishing you all the best

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Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4, wish you all the best

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Heyo welcome to Season 4! I am looking forward to the details of the project. :100:

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Bienvenidos al S4, esperamos mas datos. Gracias

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Welcome to Season 4

Can you provide a detailed whitepaper or technical document outlining the project’s architecture, features, and governance model?

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Welcome to the hackathon, I look forward to more in, I look forward to more information. Thank you

Hello Piefun
Welcome to Tron Dao forum session 4 HACKATHON

All the best to you and your team.

Quick question for you:-

  • How do you intend to make revenue ?
    Since your goal is FUN GAME FOR FUN

  • Any additional
    Information about your token/ nfts?.

I have seen your nfts.
What what be the benefit of top nfts earners from the games?

Hola, podrías explicarnos un poco más sobre el proyecto, he visitado la página tiene una interfaz sencilla y agradable, lo que es bueno.

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Thank you for the feedback, yes games will also be made playable offline for user attraction to avoid blockchain fees.


Thank you, hope for the best

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I have added the whitepaper and updated project info
Thank you for the feedback

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I have added the whitepaper and updated project info
I can write a more detailed technical report about the implementation
Thank you for the feedback

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I have added the whitepaper and updated project info

Earn-to-play: GOP token:

Users will be able to claim GOP tokens (ERC20) when they play the game. The more they play the more they earn, nevertheless with a limit.

In addition, GOP tokens can be bought through game contract.

The same GOP token will be used in different games, i.e., there will be not separate token for each game.

Initially, team will create a fixed supply GOP token, 75% of all tokens will go to game contracts, i.e., they can either be bought or claimed. The rest will be vested for a year for future team funding. Team will also be supported by the GOP tokens sold.

Win-to-play: GOM NFT:

Users will be able to claim GOM NFTs (ERC721) when they level up in the game. There will be merits in the games, such as the first time user has achieved an accomplishment then the user will be rewarded with an NFT.

In addition, GOM NFTs can be bought through game contract to show off by the players.

Each game will have its unique NFTs and merits.


Although not initially, depending on the user adoption, we will publish non-intrusive adds on our games, whether it is on Web or on mobile platforms.

Thank you for the feedback

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Thank you for the feedback, I have added whitepaper as well.
User adoption and attraction is important hence we aim to improve our frontend more.


Gracias por la información, consultaré el documento técnico.


Greetings @tausparagus ! Thank you for your post!

Thats very good, as a mathematics teacher i know how important such a game is.

In your quest to make easier for our players, can the game be extended to other subject areas like science, history and geography so that players will have the chance to select which subject to play in the game.

Thank you

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Super ideas indeed. Those subject areas you have mentioned requires more content which requires different type of effort of resource allocation and I will consider about it.
Your suggestion steers me towards developing games by looking at different perspectives: educational, fun, attractive, awarding.
Thank you for the feedback


Thats exactly what i meant, i know it will take time, but i know it’s possible

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