Online status visibility


Please my humble suggestion

I suggest that Status visibility should be added

Example if a user is online
I green dot colour appears to its username

If away, maybe yellow dot colour to its name

If offline maybe ash for colour dot

Reasons for suggestions:-
To enable users know vwho is online, away, offline
So we know who to engage with.

Thank you.


Seems like a good idea


A very nice suggestion.

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that will be cool especially the online status.

I think got those who are not online, it shows on last seen on their profile


Yes maybe something like that.

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Hola, bien pensado me gusta


Thank you buddy for
Liking the idea

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This is really a nice suggestions, it can easily indicate online community/members of the forum


Thanks for supporting bthe suggestions.
This can help enhance engagement in the forum

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I believe this would be a fun idea to add to the Forum. I will make a note for this to share with the Team! Thank you for your input :slight_smile:


Brilliant idea and it will go a long way.


Good idea mate, it’s make it easy to see who is online and offline

Much needed feature :+1:t2:

I think that would motivate users to pm and socialize with each other more such a great idea and one more friendly advice from me maybe it would be nice to see the users’ member status around their profile pics like a close friends circle in instagram on different colors for example basic members or admins etc…

I think it will be possible to implement this, since now there is already a “Seen” indicator on user’s profile