Only 3% money is real

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I saw this post and it got my attention for two reasons:-

  1. Because it coming from one of my favourite music artist.
  2. I really want to know and confirm from who understand better
    Let have this engagement

I understand Post Malone in the sense that most of our money is not actually physical currency. This it exists as numbers in bank accounts and other electronic records. This is true for both fiat currency (like USD and Naira, Cedis, Yen) and others and cryptos

The statement “Only 3% of your money is real” is referring to the fact that most of the money in the world exists only as electronic records, not as physical cash. This is because banks create money whenever they make a loan. When you deposit money into your bank account, the bank doesn’t actually put that money in a vault somewhere. Instead, it just creates a new record of your deposit on its computer system. This new record is just as good as cash as far as you’re concerned, because you can use it to buy things or withdraw it from an ATM.

So, when people say that only 3% of your money is real, they’re really saying that only 3% of it exists as physical cash. The other 97% exists only as electronic records.

So, does Post Malone’s quote apply to crypto too?

The value of crypto is still based on trust, just like fiat currency. The value of crypto is more volatile than fiat currency. In other words, the value of crypto can go up or down much more quickly than the value of fiat currency.

So, in my little Understanding from Post Malone’s quote it is important to remember that the value of money, whether it is physical or digital, is still based on trust.


Paper money are just bank notes that represent underlying value, guaranteed by your local government.

The value of Bitcoin is dependent on its usage and if people believe in it.

The value of stablecoin is dependent on the bank notes and whatever other assets behind it. (Not all of the $$ is there too as its in other assets that aren’t as easily available.) For example: you could have stablecoin backed by real estate but that cash isn’t readily available if you have users wanting to withdraw. It will take time to sell the asset. An asset is based on how liquid it can be.

All currency, digital or fiat is based on trust.

The issues start coming in when people start leveraging. Which is what post Malone is talking about with loans and debt.

This is why when you have inflation and the bank starts adjusting interest rates it affects all the outstanding debt and can really screw the economy, as everyone seems to be leveraged with house loans, car loans, business loans, etc.

Anyways, short answer, Yes :laughing:


Yes,. In nutshell the value of currency is based on trust and on the underlying assets that back it.

I’m glad you brought this up and this is 100% factual, I do feel like money isn’t real sometimes for instance I’ve never physically touched $500+, but have I made that much? Yes!
Even Alhaji Aliko Dangote when being interviewed by Mo Abudu said; at some point I had to withdraw Fiat worth $10m just to be really convinced I’ve that much.
And this goes sideways, it applies to both fiat currency and cryptocurrencies. The value of money, whether physical or digital, relies on trust, and the value of cryptocurrencies can be more volatile than fiat currency due to factors like market sentiment. It’s a reminder that the concept of money is rooted in trust and perceived value, regardless of its form. If you’d like, you can continue discussing the broader implications of trust and value in the digital age.

Happy new week Tronics!

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Lols, I have watched this interview,
Since then I understood the feelings of having access not your money in cash.

In nutshell, the value attached to means of payment or exchange is based on TRUST.


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The value of fiat currency is based on the assets that backs it. The value of cryptocurrency is based on trust.

A fiat currency with no asset backing it will fall to shit. Zimbabwean dollar is an example that comes to mind. No amount of trust could save that money.

The 3% of money being real has to deal with the western world. In Africa 97% of our money is physical. We dont do digital things.

Today i walked for about 2hours just to cash out money from my mobile money wallet, the driver and his assistant conductor all said they dont accept MTN mobile money. During this digital age, we want to hold it before we believe it exist.


Oh my goodness, this point if view is mind blowing
Makes me see it from African view.

The fact that 97% of money in Africa is physical is a reflection of the continent’s history and culture. Africa has been largely cash-based for centuries, and there is still a lot of distrust of digital currencies. A BLACK MAN WILL WANT IT IN CASH. LOLS.

Your experience of having to walk for 2 hours to cash out your mobile money is a good example of the challenges that still exist in Africa’s digital payment

Maybe this as factor

  • Lack of awareness of mobile money services
  • Fear of fraud
  • Concerns about the security of mobile money wallets
  • High fees charged by mobile money operators
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For we those who have worked in the financial sector or still working there confirm this. Even bank balances are fake. We play with figures. The real money msy not even be in the country lol

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Oh my goodness, Prince this is Secret exposure.
Yes, it all digital numbers

Prince why are this wicked,
Well the real cash may be in Another lands
Or neighborhood.

hahahaha for investment,
have thought of this? how forex money is created>
We have a lot of people trading digitally

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Fx money is not created in the traditional sense, like when a central bank prints money.
Fx it created through the buying and selling of currencies.

When a trader buys a currency, creating demand for that currency.

This demand drives up the price of the currency. When a trader sells a currency, creating supply for that currency. This supply drives down the price of the currency.

Prince but how are all this digital MONEY minted?
Is it just coding.?

If everyone in crypto, FX ,stock decide to cash out
Will the traditional financial system… has the cash to go round??

Exactly my question bro

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Please, to whom could help us answers this question
Cause it giving me nightmare already

I think they have a threshold. And mostly fiat are converted to these digital currencies and commodities we see. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are mapped to fiat and physical commodities

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The fact that most of the money in the world exists only as electronic records is a relatively new phenomenon.

It has only been possible since the advent of computers and electronic banking. However, it is a trend that is likely to continue in the future. As more and more people use electronic banking, the amount of physical cash in circulation will continue to decline.

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Yes, my mother once said,.

Give me my Balance in Cash leave Transfer alone

This implies that our digital currency is in new era,
Which is still in battles with our traditional currency