Why are we still behind?


In a country where seeking for financial freedom is seen as a rebellion against authorities and superiors in high places, the citizenry tend to coil in their shell and say to themselves, financial freedom is a total fallacy and those who wish to find it are living in a fools paradise.

In this article, I will outline five reasons Ghana :ghana: is far behind in the race to adopt cryptocurrencies and the lack of interest in the blockchain technology as a whole.

Firstly; during the height of the 2017 bull run, scammers saw it as a means to dupe uninformed investors of which I was a victim.

I was called one afternoon by a colleague who thought he has seen the ultimate way to help himself and some few friends of his to financial freedom. He introduced a project called “bitclub advantage”.

With this project, all we had to do was to buy a package (bronze, silver, Gold, platinum etc…) each package had its daily return on investment.
What a way to be finally financially free, we said to ourselves.

But our joy will soon be shattered.
It was paying well in the beginning but later things became messy.
The website of the project got frozen with an inscription “site under maintenance”!!!
For almost 5 years now, it is still under maintenance.

We lost close to $40,000 in that scam project. I vowed never to do anything related to crypto again and so did my friends. The scam killed our interest.

Secondly; In a country with a population of 32 million people, I can say that only 1% has an idea of what blockchain technology is all about. This is due to insufficient education. Our television, radio and information networks are bombarded with 99% political arguments which has no positive impact on the general wellbeing of the citizenry.
They know when they educate you to be financially free, you wouldn’t have time for their brouhaha, hence these networks try as much as possible to suppress any information about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as a whole.

Moreover, investors are being scared away by Authorities.
On the 13th of April, 2021, an official letter was released from the office of Security and Exchange Commission of Ghana given a strong warning to the 1% who have decided to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Mr. Paul Ababio, Deputy Director-General of Securities and Exchange Commission stated clearly and I quote “the commission has given out a warning that (cryptocurrency) is not registered by the commission, Bank of Ghana does not treat it as a form of payment, it is not a legal tender but we will be engaging further to come out with frameworks,so people should desist from participating” this news circulated rapidly like wildfire in harmattan.

People who lacked information about the crypto-space became worried. Their interest was shattered.

Furthermore, what people seem to not understand is that no investment in the world is 100% risk free.
Fear of losing one’s capital has always been the key problem of every investor. All what investors look for is a place where they are sure their invested amount is safe.

In Ghana, the daily minimum wage is less than $2.
The loss of this hard earned money can dealt a severe blow to one’s finances. Citizens tend to spend their money to feed themselves, rather than save it, because the bank is not an option here.

Finally, to be able to enjoy the world of cryptocurrencies, one need to have access to compatible devices.
People find it hard to feed themselves three square meals daily, the taught of getting these devices to start with drives most of them away. But as it is said, if there is no pain, there is wouldn’t be any gain.

Conclusion, the outlined reasons above are the main reason why my country Ghana is far behind in the race to adopt cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a whole.
But as the saying goes “a journey of thousand miles begins with a step” with time we will get there.

We will stay positive and focused on what lies ahead.


Well, we’ve all had our shares of loses in this space. And there is no matter how enlightened we are about crypto, as long as we are humans and greed is still a core characteristics of us. There will always be scam projects and some will still probably fall victims


Crypto is the “wild wild west” u can be rich today and tomorrow bankrupt even from projects that were very legit. Take FTX for example, from the second best crypto exchange project in the world to nothing in a matter of days.

Take Luna and UST for instance from glory to worry. They were all legit.

How do we even identify legit from scam these days.?


Another point. Even without you been greedy, you can still loose by investing in a supposed God project


Hahaha u can buy the top, and watch your money sink like titanic in bear market. No fault of yours but you capital is shrinking day in and day out.


Yea. Send some Klv to kucoin a while back and forgot it there. It was around $20 then. Checked yesterday and met $1.39. I kuku angrily sold it for something I wanted to do


$20 to $1.3 thats quite a fall. I think $KLV is now selling at a discount price and the next bull market will let it witness its new all time high but as to when the next bull market will come, only God knows.


O yes.Ghana is a country with visión in the futuro!!!


I think citizens or at least quite a number of them aware… but may either lack funds, advanced knowledge and technical know how


Maybe they are scared of lost


Thank you, i hope it come to pass.


That is very true, but those who are aware mostly dont lack the funds but we can agree on the technical know how and advanced knowledge.

But are they ready to learn?


Yh that is very true, i wanted to make the topic “Africa as a whole” but I realized there are some African countries that are ranked in the world top cryptocurrency users. The likes of Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania


That’s a great insight of the situation in some countries. Thanks for sharing. At some point, crypto should be accepted everywhere. It’s just a matter of time :+1:


I know the time is coming, my supervisor never really liked the talk of crypto, he was always angry when i talk about it.

But he was an importer of good from US, one day the guy he imports from said he only accepts crypto and nothing else again.

This made my supervisor very ashamed to call me and asked for help, he read all he could read about crypto thinking he could do it himself with asking me to avoid all the shame.

He realized it was not possible and that you have to be guided, he called me very late at night and said, “Boy, that your cryptocurrency thing how do you go about it?

I told him all the apps to download and the next day we sent the money.
Knowing the amount he saved that day compared to all the charges he would have incurred from traditional bank.

He became a crypto disciple for life. Now if u talk negative about crypto u have him to face. :rofl::rofl:


This is not only happening in Ghana…many other countries too i guess


Yh very true, i hope it changes very soon.


I know right!!!
He’s lucky to find you then :joy:


So true,but what can be done to make their country adopt the use of cryptocurrency


:joy::joy: i didnt really want to laugh at him at the time as that would have made him even more uncomfortable, i taught him everything he needs to know, but every now and then i remind him of why it was unnecessary to fight crypto. Very soon everyone that talked negative will come around