The Phone Short Code system and how it revolutionized the banking sector in Ghana

One of the main wish of crypto lovers is to see crypto adopted all over the world.

This dream can come through when the process, methods and procedures involved in crypto are not so technical and time consuming.

Now let me tell you a story about how Ghana Transformed it banking system to include all and sundry.

A very long time ago, only some few elites in Ghana had bank accounts, less than one percent of the population had accounts with various banks.

The cost and time involved in creating branches by these banks all over the country was not something that was going to come easy.

One day, a tech giant called MTN introduced a system where your phone number can be used as your bank account number.

All you have to do is dial a short code and register for this service.

Friends and family who have registered for this service can now send money to and from their phone to another phone through the persons phone number. No app needed, Just dial the short code and follow the prompt.

Through evolution they have added alot of features to it, u can take loans from banks. They have made the services now interoperable with all banks in Ghana, so that if you have to have an account with any bank, you can link the two and move money from your bank account to your phone number and vice versa.


Dial *170#

Is there a way there could be a project that will also thread this short code line.

After someone creates a crypto wallet, the person doesn’t necessarily need to visit the wallet again to send crypto coins. The person can do that through a short code.

Example @fabsltsa wants to send $trx to @antonio. (Both of them have already created a wallet on tronlink, trustwallet or klever)

Now Fabs follows the following steps to send the money.

  1. He dials *170#
  2. He selects transfer crypto
  3. He selects to a crypto user
  4. He selects the network trc20, bep20 etc
  5. He enters the phone number. (Here the persons phone number is linked to his wallet)
  6. He selects the amount
  7. He enters a 4 digit password
  8. He sends

I dont know how the person’s phone number can be linked to his wallet address, but i know since @kraftly is proposing a name service to represent wallet address, phone numbers can as well be used to move funds in and out of wallets without necessarily entering the app.

@TronNinjas @Stian @EMerchant @StevenTRON


The chances of this being possible aren’t slim at all but very fat and would be very effective to on-board the unbanked and traditional finance subscribers when there’s global mass adoption of crypto.

Devs could create a short code system that allows users to easily send and receive cryptocurrency using their mobile phones. This would make it easier for people who are not familiar with the more technical aspects of cryptocurrencies to use them and this goes side by side with multilingual support.

To make the system more accessible to people in different regions of the world, developers could create a multilingual short code system. This would allow users to interact with the system in their native language, making it easier for them to understand and use.


The short code system can really go along way to bring the unbanked into this space, crypto shouldn’t be difficult.

Most people are staying away because the technicalities involved are too much. We need something simple yet very effective.


I think by integration with Other Systems, Developers could integrate the short code system with other systems, such as wallets or exchanges, to create a more seamless user experience. This would allow users to easily transfer funds between different systems using the short code system.

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Seeing how stringent crypto regulations and sanctions has been in the US and Sen. Elizabeth Warren proposing an anti crypto bill and how the US are selling off their Bitcoin holdings and Justin Sun offering to buy and China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, France, South Africa are breaking up with dollar trades, we’re pretty sure of a global massive adoption.

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that will be great and increase adoption
it is easy and simple


Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, the FUD is spread by these big giants to kill the spirit of all those holding a chunk load of it to dump, so the can come back and buy it cheap.

They didn’t know it will get here, they missed out, but they are now using strategy to get their foothold in, so they can give the green light that it is now safe.

Cos if i had alot of influence, and realize bitcoin is the future but i didnt buy when it was $3
I will use my influence to tank the price to $1000 if i can, and start buying it there.

If i realize i have gotten enough, i can now come back and say, “i thought it was a scam but upon careful analysis i can say its now the future.”

Serious Manipulation

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It will even help us educators to be free from trying to explain everything all the time. Its time consuming


exactly you need is the recipient phone number and your pin

If Alibaba accepts crypto payments and the Chinese Yuan becomes a preferably stable coin as opposed to the dollar, Russia accepts oil trades in BTC, that’ll cause a huge spike.

That will be a lovely play out. All are pieces of the chess carefully about to be unfolded


The greatest transfer of wealth is about to happen.

This is an amazing idea , this will foster and grow adoption if it can be implanted.
In crypto space or life in general most people don’t need stress so this short code will be easy and enable everyone to get onboard
I think time will tell


Great and these Yuan is on tron :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::fire:

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Just hope our devs can check and see if they can do something about it. If not this season then maybe subsequent seasons.

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I just hope and pray i dont miss out.

We pray for long life filled with good health and strength

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Hands crosses , waiting patiently

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I also pray the same while I DCA into concrete projects. $10 buying bottoms can one’s life forever, it did happen with $SHIB haha

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It can be a simple way to receive cryptocurrency and make its use easier for people starting out,


Exactly director. This can help bring onboard people who have issue in areas with poor internet connectivity.