Outstanding Mistakes to Avoid When Launching CRYPTO Project

Hello Tronics,
While waiting for our Session 4 project winners
To get to Mainnet/ Milestone.

Let’s learn on some Mistakes they should avoid.

  • Lack of a clear plan and roadmap:— a well-defined plan and roadmap are essential for the successful developmet. Without a clear vision, the project may struggle to gain traction and attract investors as some
    promoted through Twitter and other channels don’t have a clear roadmap with milestones and timelines.

  • Lack of utility:— project should go beyond the aesthetic appeal to sustain long-term interest. To achieve this, project can incorporate additional features and privileges, like governance rights, the potential for staking and earning rewards as well as access to exclusive experiences.

  • Poor communication: — community engagement is a crucial aspect of Crypto projects. Lack of communication can lead to decreased interest and trust in the project. To maintain a strong community presence, the team behind project should be active on social media, host “ask me anything” (AMA) sessions, and provide regular updates on project developments, partnerships and milestones.
    Kudos to some projects keeping up to that like
    And the rest keeping up with good communication.

  • Failing to provide strong post-launch support:— the work does not end once the project is live. Many projects fails by underestimating the importance of ongoing support and updates after the initial launch. Failing to maintain a strong support system can lead to decreased user satisfaction and engagement, and can have repercussions on subsequent collections.

  • Underestimating the importance of quality and Uniqueness — quality, reputation and rarity are key factors in determining an project’s value. Copycat designs or an oversaturated market can diminish the appeal of a project.To stand out from the competition, project developers should come up with an intelligent unique structure to incentivize users/ Investors.

So to this end, I believe those mentioned point above should be considered by a Crypto project managers before they begin to build, if only they want to make a Unique Stand

Do have a lovely day Everyone.


Thanks @Gordian for mentioning me and USTX community. The goal of the hackathon is not to give helicopter money, but to seed projects that can attract active users to Tron/BTTC. As project owners and devs, we need to be serious about this and have a plan in case of victory. It’s sad that some previous winners have completely disappeared, took the money and moved on.

So, let’s do our job and complete our roadmaps before June 1st, 7 days still for working.


Thanks you Buddy for standing firm
In building quality project for the Tron/bttc family
Do your best and more will be added.

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Es cierto que el conjunto de todos los factores mencionados son importantes para que un proyecto crezca y siga adelante, anímo a todos los proyectos que se han presentado en en este hackathon se mantengan activos en el foro, con sus actualizaciones, no importa si han resultado ganadores o no.

La importancia es mantenerse visibles y ver que continuamente están avanzando.

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Hello, please are you writing as Tron price financial advisor?

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:))) have a gud day!