Marketing strategies on tron project

Dear Tronics,
As we know marketing tools and it’s strategy are very important for massive exposure for our Tron project (before and after Hackathon).

Let get to share our idea on the following:-

  • The various known marketing strategy?

  • Factors affecting our Tron projects in adopting these marketing strategies?

  • Reasons for marketing strategies before and after HACKATRON?

  • Advice for small Tron project on its marketing strategies to use?.

Let get the interaction going.


I don’t know how to put but the facts still remains that all projects on Tron need to push more on marketing aspect


Marketing and all other related things needs money to push. Some projects on other blockchain are able to raise enough money through private sales and seed sales to market their product.

What i have realized is, most of the tron community members are very stingy when it comes to this aspect. Most members out there want absolutely everything for free. How then do you want these projects to survive and thrive.

Is about time the community helps the upcoming projects. Its a collective agenda and they can never do it alone.


Thank you for your wise words. Some people indeed want everything and now without the team to sell some of the marketing wallet coins. So projects can’t use any funds but have to deliver $100k marketing campaign…. and list on major exchanges…. and deliver new quality products… and pump the token price to the moon…
But I would disagree on the fact that you have to pay to get a good marketing strategy. Some alternative forms of marketing exist that don’t require payment. I’ve already talked about it somewhere on the forum so I will let people dig the forum to find the answer. That way they will reach the trust level 3 in no time :grin::innocent:

But we have to stay realistic. Bearmarket (so basically the past 2 years for Tron) is the worse moment for marketing. On the other hand it is the ideal moment to build a strong foundation for the future in terms of products and usecases. Some projects on Tron have thrown thousands of dollars in marketing and CEX listing last year and the result in terms of growth (mcap, holders, users) isn’t crazy or even inexistant. Cause you can drop as many ads as you want, if nobody is there to watch, the impact will be nul.


Yh i remember. I know you are not a big fan of the traditional marketing and promotion stuff and you believe in building something solid with great foundations coupled with superb utility that will suck people in.

And in so doing, gets prizes up rather than putting alot of money into marketing which most of the times have zero impact on the project.

Tron Community wants projects to moon and do extraordinary stuffs but are not ready to open their arms to see this into fruition.

If we remain stingy like this, we will not get anywhere.


I’m not against traditional marketing but I think it’s far from being a priority in a bearmarket. Other kinds of strategy can bring visibility at 0 cost. Hopefully I will be able to show you some in the next few days/weeks.

Community members who want “moon here and now” are actually not investing but speculating. They buy with the expectation to sell asap so they can jump on the next project and repeat. So here comes sensitive questions: are they really community members? What about the long term vision? Once they take profit, dumping the price at the same time, what will happen for the project and the new holders who are at loss?
As @ElPi said, we (Tronics) are here to build something sustainable on the long term. Not short-term hype that will fade after few days, weeks or months. With short term hype you always have few winners for a majority of losers. And the loss can be sometimes really hard to take (-99.99%). With sustainable projects, capable of generating constant cash flow and building several usecases, you can change the game.

Also if someone is begging for a token that will moon without him having anything to do but relying on the work of a team, he is actually begging for a security token and a lawsuit from the SEC :joy: Projects have to focus on usecases and not encourage speculation. That’s the only way to pass the Howey test and imo so far not a lot of projects are passing it.

Everybody should read this article :point_down:


Thanks for your contribution.

I read somewhere that says

Marketing is not about just pumping money into its marketing strategies


I mean, you don’t market a cup product to population where cup is banned.

Other projects in other blockchain are big enough to make up for marketing funds

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Very good contributiion here fabs

Yes traditional marketing… not against it too.

I noticed something about some marketing strategies.

Some are done with short term version.
Which comprises short term active members, .that will leave as soon as the hype of off.

We also have the marketing strategies
That aimed for long term
As which depending on community is not enough.

The project must be useful or problem solving.
To enjoy this long term benefits.


Lovely contribution you made there

First, I will dig up to find out that your post about it to level up for next level… you know

Second, marketing strategies not necessarily having big funds to pay for marketing ads and others

My concern is
If this marketing strategies are not made to TARGET AUDIENCE.
Then it’s a waste.

Third,. Time factor, is also important in marketing strategies
Marketing in bear and bull days
Are too different things with different
Yielding effect

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Estoy completamente de acuerdo contigo, no es necesario gastar excesivo dinero en campañas publicitarias, es saber dónde y como dirigir tu proyecto para hacerlo visible.
Si es bueno, novedoso, y aporta buenas experiencias a los usuarios, ellos mismo te harán la publicidad.


Well said bro
In nutshell, it marketing strategies bat target audience

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I think crypo youtube streamers are often overlooked as an option as well


Yes, is it that we have few of the CRYPTO YouTubers ?

Or they are expensive to do marketing with?

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I guess that really depends on what your idea of expensive is but you’re probably looking at at least a few grand USD

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This is one thing the community severely lacks and a pain point since TRON DAO does not actively like promoting projects on everyday services due to the number of scams it will be related to, especially with the recent SEC case.

A simple third party could get into this space and fill this void and I myself thought about doing it, but I would need a web developer as I am not knowledgeable in web development.

If any web developer is interested please reach out to me, I’d love to partner up and am willing to pay for services.

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Please sir can I write you in DM about web developer

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No se trata de que sean caros o baratos, más bien es que a casi nadie se les paga, deben tener seguidores y un porcentaje de visualizaciones. Como siempre en el tema de criptomonedas falta mucho público que quiera aprender, lo cual hace que estas personas no se ganen la vida y lo dejen.
Por otro lado las empresas cripto tampoco se molestan en dar visibilidad a estos.

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So sad that is the fact we facing

As always, on the subject of cryptocurrencies, there is a lack of public that wants to learn, which means that these people do not earn a living and leave it.
On the other hand, crypto companies do not bother to give visibility

Yes this correct,
On visibility I do think
Most of the project are for short term
That why they don’t seek visibility.
That my added opinion

No se trata sólo de los proyectos, se trata también de las cadenas dónde se montan estos proyectos.


Well, I noticed that too.

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