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While I was looking at the projects from start to finish on the site, something caught my eye. I saw that many projects started to announce their projects by opening a topic, but could not continue. Among the reasons for this, there may be lack of teams, insufficient opportunities and similar reasons. So what can be done about it? 'Cause most sparks go out before they ignite

In short, how can we follow teams or individuals to encourage the work they have started or will start?


From the point you made here, “they open a topic and they could not complete” …. Please could not complete their project or?


I meant they started their project, they started their name, their website, but they left their project without progressing enough to qualify for voting.

Not: Sorry, I wrote everything a bit confused.


Oh ok I get you now. Teams must know, they have to prepare before joining. With these HackaTRON, we want to see a working product. We have devs here who can assist you when you need some support so most of them do not meet the criteria and are disqualified or couldn’t meet deadlines


You described situation well. Thank you for clarifying all of it.

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We are doing these HackaTRONs to bring more project on tron and bttc, aside assisting them financially, TronDao gives them some publicity so it’s the projects duty to take advantage of these and projects their products