What's the main reason for Hackathons ( Projects perspective)

I have been following Tron Hackathons since season 1 and I have noticed something.

You only see 1 out of 10 projects having a solid project after the Hackatron. Do Hackathons provide try your luck platforms for projects? The obvious reason they will give you after abandoning the projects is “no funds to continue, I did not win anything”

I came into conclusion that, these are meant for new startups who do not have funds to start a project. So they participate to try their luck and win something to be able to bring the projects to life.

Kudos to some OGs projects I know on tron Network… @turuglobal @JustMoney @TronNinjas and a few others. You could see their aim is to build or advance their products anytime they joined the Hackatron.

Kindly help me understand it well, some projects I have seen so far, only try to build something, earn something and abandoned the project. And it is possible they come again with different names to submit a new one in new seasons…

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Prince onscolo you’ve got a sharp eye for Tron Hackathons It’s true, a lot of projects fizzle out after the initial burst.
Here’s a breakdown of why that might happen, alongside a counterpoint to the try your luck mentality.

  • Hackathon Hype The intense, deadline-driven nature of hackathons can lead to projects built on shaky foundations. Functionality might be there, but long-term scalability and user experience might not be considered.

  • Post-Hackathon Reality After the adrenaline rush, the team realizes the sheer amount of work needed to turn a prototype into a real product.
    Maintaining and developing it requires resources that weren’t factored in.

  • Funding Fallacy You hit the nail on the head with the no funds excuse. But relying solely on hackathon prizes isn’t sustainable.


gotten your points but from these I can say building a working product to solve problems are not their goals. Their goal here is to win a prize


I feel the number one goal of building a product is to solve problems. But when what you are building is not solving anything I don’t think people would be encouraged to support or grow with you.

Some teams are just aiming for the funding and and not problem solving.


The main reason is to create a Minimum Viable Product. This is the first step for any start-up.

After the hackathon, what projects should be doing is trying to secure funding. This involves the business side of things instead of the developer side of things.

Funding is usually secured by going to VCs, angel investors, etc and showing your Minimum Viable Product, pitch deck and so on. I think maybe 10% of crypto projects get VC funding and even less on TRON.

Projects can also join incubators or accelerators. There are many that are generalized crypto and not focused on one blockchain.

If you don’t want to sell out to VCs or join an incubator then you will have to make a profitable business/DAPP on day 1 to continue working on it. You will have to risk your own money for user acquisition and this is probably why most just give up.

And of course, the side product of this is developers just build to win the $$ instead of build business and become “Hackathon Hunters”


100% agree with you.

This what I see here, not all projects tho


You’ve said it all, I think this piece should be included in any Hackathon announcements for participants to know. They should have all these in mind before joining to avoid “I couldn’t continue because I ran out of funds and others”

Thank you so much


Many people will try to jump on quick money if there is a possibility. Also, people are anonymous so it is way easier to grab money and just leave…

$CCC products are focused on helping the community deal with the TRON meme season. So the next days/weeks/months will prove how much this is important.
Also, We are fully doxxed, You can meet Us at different crypto-related exhibitions/conferences.

The long-term builder’s approach is very different from the quick money type. I hope the TRON community/judges will consider that :wink:


Waiting patiently for CCC to join this HackaTRON, I have seen the energy you guys have brought to Tron meme, it will be good to see you here :pray:t3:

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