Still active after s4 hackathon?

Hello Tronics,
I agreed we have massive lovely session 4 HACKATHON events

First, as rule of thumb we all:-

  • Celebrated the winners!

  • Let discuss the challenges and successes of the Hackathon.
    What were the biggest challenges that participants faced? What were the biggest successes?
    What could be improved for next time?
    ( I’m calling on both Project owners and community members to share with us)

  • Share ideas for future Hackathons.
    What kind of projects would you like to see in future Hackathons? What kind of challenges would you like to see participants tackle?

  • Promote the Hackathon to others. Let people know about the Hackathon and encourage them to participate in future events.

Also, in our own way, Let together promote our Hackathon successful project on our social media handle.
I can see @antonio @Prince-Onscolo doing that.
I personally will join in that.

  • Connect with other participants. Get to know the other participants in the Hackathon and build relationships. You may be able to collaborate on future projects or find job opportunities.

To the Project winners, and developers and community members in the forum, let get to share your answers on this:-

  • What was your favorite part of the Hackathon?

  • What was the most challenging part of the Hackathon?

  • What did you learn from the Hackathon?

  • What advice would you give to other participants who are thinking about participating in a Hackathon?

  • What are you working on next?

By keeping the forum active, we can help to build a community of Hackathon participants who can support each other and learn from each other. This can help to create a more positive and productive experience for everyone involved.

Together we sTRONger


I feel like some projects struggled with adopting to the timeframe of project submission, I won’t say the window for project submission was slim, I’d say for some reasons that was solely based on the unpreparedness of the participants and I urge participants to do better with time next time so we don’t collectively miss out on promising projects.

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My favorite and most challenging part of hackaTRON season4 was reviewing the projects.

Working on this season I learnt how community members and builders can build some substantial products for BTTC/TRON.

I advise the future hackaTRON participants to read the rules carefully before participating.

I’m working on some ideas to keep this forum lively when hackaTRONs are not going on


Hola, en respuesta a tu post tengo que decir:
Comparta ideas para futuros Hackathons.
En su momento yo ya compartí las mías con un esquema incluido.

Promocione el Hackathon a otros.
Sabes bien que no dejamos de promocionarlo, e incluso tu has participado en el último vídeo, también se ha creado un canal de Telegram para que todos los proyectos y comunidad puedan adherirse a el y enlazarlo con sus comunidades.
Enlace de invitación,

En el cual tu eres uno de los administradores.

Parte favorita del Hackathon
El interactuar, opinar y crear amigos con proyectos y miembros del grupo.

La parte más desafiante
El revisar de uno a uno todos los proyectos y estudiarlos con las respectivas preguntas.

Aprendizaje en el Hackathon
En todos los hackathones se aprende de multiples maneras y una de ellas es a tener experiencia.

Consejo para participar.
Es una experiencia agradabla que aporta conocimientos.

¿En qué estoy trabajando?
En varios proyectos de diseñador Ux, hackathones en línea y algo que tengo en mente con algunas personas que me chateo cada día.

Esto es un resumen de mi opinión.

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Thanks for your observations

I can’t blame any blame on any one, due to one or so conditions, some projects couldn’t met up.
But they can have better try next session.

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Same with me
Infact I made that my hobby to review and interact with project.

Most challenging part,
Was limited, but the few I could mention could be personal issues

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Lol, not like that, I’m not part of administrators.

Same with me,
Interact with people, project owner and the admin …my favourite.

Challenge, is following up project with their update.

Lols, additional, using Google translator for you.
Lol… Language not a barrier tho.

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My favorite part of the Hackathon is when the bots was eliminated in vote counting :joy:

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Same with me
If that was the movie.

The bot removal will be the HIGHLIGHT OR THE TRIALER.

All good to have that handle with finnese

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Who else noticed the changes in Tron Dao forum interface???

Yo, ya la he notado, creía que era mi vista

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Lols for a minute, I felt
My forum not loading more.
I had to check my network

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Going through projects on the platform is not an easy task it demands a lot of time.

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I enjoyed everything.

I know projects have budget for marketing, there are guys here who can help them with little charges they should contact them. Not for free and not over budget


Yes, Budget for project marketing is
Another setback for some projects.

So some form of advertising for them
Either free or little tokened… could go extra miles

I too I’m open to advertising for out fellow Tron project,
My DM is open,

It’s a win win situation

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when we say budget for project, it is not something which should be a problem.
You cut your coat according to your size.

For instance, I pay money to get my account promoted but I decide which of them to use. I always go in for the cheapest. i do giveaways to with tokens too to promote my account. That’s investment


I totally understand.
That reminds me of.

It’s not about having big budget for
Project advertising and promotion.


exactly brother
before people will know what you are building you have to advertise.

stop thinking keep building they will come.
they will come from where :joy: :joy:
sell your products to them, that’s very important.
what is pepe building, Capo and The Dons but check them and see


If you don’t share your products
If you don’t advertise your product.

Mostly you may not get noticed
You may not get known.

The advertisement could be in different form.

Menh… have been into Pepe group.
It’s hype and noise,.
The community active towards promotion
If they get to be adopted into major exchange.
Make no body call the JUJU.