What should be looked at for tron s4 hackathon

For a Tron hackathon s4, some key factors that should be considered are:

1.Relevance to the theme: Make sure your project is aligned with the theme of the hackathon and addresses a real-world problem.
In this case I understand to be
Real life usecase.

  1. Technical feasibility: Ensure that your project is technically feasible and can be completed within the hackathon timeline.
    I understand this to be setting attainable and achievable completion of project.

3.Innovation: Look for unique and innovative solutions that stand out from other projects.
I understand this to be coming up with different from the existing projects
Or modification of the existing projects.

  1. Presentation skills: Be prepared to present your project effectively, highlighting the key features, benefits, and impact.

In nutshell I understand this to easy ready made presentation materials for your project.

  1. Team dynamics: Ensure that your team has good communication and collaboration skills and is able to work well together.

A good project should consider effective communication with its community members and stalkholder involved.

  1. Market potential: Consider the market potential of your project and how it can be scaled and commercialized in the future.

Finally, Compliance with Tron’s technical requirements and guidelines: Make sure your project is compliant with Tron’s technical requirements and follows the guidelines set by the hackathon organizers.

Hope this will be followed by Tron Hackathon developers and builders.

Wishing all Tronics a lovely S4 Hackathon session


Hola a mi manera de entender, en esta Hackathon se busca una mejor manera de experiencia del usuario.


Thanks for the brief explanation :ok_hand:


You welcome mate.
Hope you understood better

Great piece brother :clap:

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Thank you brother.
More loading up

Is there anything for community contributors like myself? :man_shrugging:

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Si, el premio de la comunidad, mantente activo en el foro, ayuda a otros, y propon comentarios de valor.

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I will get you details reply to this soon

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  • Bonificaci√≥n: Premio al colaborador de la comunidad 5000 USDD: determinado por el equipo de TRON DAO en funci√≥n de las valiosas contribuciones de una persona durante el hackat√≥n. Otorgado a las personas que no ganaron otro premio. El individuo no necesita ser un participante del proyecto hackathon. Hasta 10 personas pueden dividir este premio acumulado con un m√≠nimo de 500 USDD por persona.
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Thank you for sharing

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