Panini Sport Manager-Official licensed sport trading cards NFT will be release soon

Project Name: Panini Sport Manager
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: Panini Sport Manager
Team Member(s): 6
Project Goal: Panini Sport Manager aims to provide a fun space for users and become the largest sport trading cards nft platform.

Panini is one of the most well-known sports cards collectibles companies in the world, with a 60-year history in sports and entertainment collectibles, their footprint throughout the US, as well as in Latin America, Europe&Asia. It serves customers worldwide with distribution channels in more than 150 countries with annual revenue of $873.4M.

NFT stands for non-fungible Tokens, it took the world by storm with a $69 million NFT sale in 2021. It’s a new type of digital asset stored in blockchain technology.

The demand for NFTs is continuing to surge, NFT trading card marketplace already with collectibles being purchased by fans and investors alike to hold and sell for profit, creating liquidity in collectibles trading as users are increasingly drawn to the NFT market through sports.

Recently, we gained the exclusive right to licence Panini soccer sport trading card NFT, we are naming our game as Panini Sport Manager. Our starting lineup will be La Liga NFT trading card series, to create a fun and opening digital assets trading platform for sport fans and hobbyists.
Panini trading card NFT can be treated as valuable collections or a form of entertainment. It derived the same game which already launched on GooglePlay and App Store.

Our roadmap consists of three stages,

Stage 1: Build the basement, features include marketplace, crypto blog, auction place, card store and building community

Stage 2: Application Diversity which includes card collections, sports manager GameFi, NFT Copy, Defi card pool and DAO community

Stage 3: Ecological Diversity, more sport events will be invited.

If you are a fan of sports, tech, money or collecting. Don’t miss out.

Check out our website on (Active website will launch this week.)
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Discord: Panini Sport Manager#7351


Do you own the right to use the name “Panini”?


We sell officially licensed Panini trading card. Card game has been already launched online, and GameFi will coming soon.


Hi @Lyman
We noticed that a common question asked across both of your project posts is related to official licensing. It would be great if you can show the community an officially licensed agreement/announcement from the official Panini team about the collaboration with your team. This way, it helps clear all doubts people may have regarding the authenticity of the collaboration.

Can you also let us know how many years do you own the Panini license rights and are you the exclusive license holder for Panini NFT cards?


Isn’t that a sandwich :sandwich:

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I think the idea is great! but maybe like I read in other comments, its not that easy, if you could do something in a partnership with panini and show it, would be awesome! :grinning: :+1:


is this really linked to panini ?

Looks like a good project

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No answer to this simple question? Do you have the rights or not?

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We are corporated with Panini by selling Panini sport trading cards.

We have exclusive right to sell officially licensed Panini sport trading card NFT and GameFi.

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Hi, there. Currently, we are unable to provide any proof due to certain contract terms we are signed with. We will make an announcement for that until our project released. We apologize for that.

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If that’s the case, you are currently using a company name without the right to do so, imho.


Amazing project guys :muscle:

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thanks for supporting us. :blush:

It’s an attractive project :grinning: