Panini Sport Manager-GameFi

Project Name: Panini Sport Manager
Project Track: GameFi
Team Name: Panini Sport Manager
Team Member(s): 6
Project Goal: Panini Sport Manager aims to launch GameFi version and allow players to receive real-world financial benefits.

Panini is one of the largest trading card manufacturing companies in the world.

  • In 1960, Panini was set up by two brothers in Italy.
  • In 1970s, Panini publishes their first collectible cards series.
  • Currently, their subsidiaries throughout Europe and the United States.
  • Daily sales revenue reach to 8-10 million packs of 2018 Worldcup.
  • Released FIFA/European Cup/NBA/NFL and other football game card series.

Panini grants us the official license to launch Panini soccer game card.
We are naming our game as Panini Sport Manager. Our starting lineup will be La Liga NFT trading card series in GameFi version.
Panini trading cards NFT can be treated as valuable collections or a form of entertainment. It derived the same game which already launched on GooglePlay and App Store.

Panini Sport Manager roadmap outlines our goals for the next two years.

Stage 1:

  • Build the basement
  • Marketplace
  • Crypto blog
  • Auction place
  • Card store
  • Building community

Stage 2: Application Diversity

  • Card Collections
  • Sport Manager GameFi
  • NFT Copy
  • Defi card pool
  • DAO community

Stage 3: Ecological Diversity

Our GameFi will be release soon.

Check out our website on (Active website will launch this week.)
Wecome to follow us and explore more.
Discord: Panini Sport Manager#7351


wish u all the best guys.


Hi @Lyman
Some nice promotional graphics you have there.

Can you let the community know when will your game be ready?

What can players do in the game other than trading? Do you have some in-game graphics you can share with us?


Card game already launched on GooglePlay&App Store. Players can collect, exchange or other ways by the using the card in the game, it’s similar to football manager. GameFi will be be release soon. Play-to-earn is the core of the GameFi. Graphic still in development now.


I love Panini! However I can’t see any panini logos /official panini advertisement on your post. It would be perfect if you could share some sort of proof of your partnership with them, something like an instagram post from a panini official account itself would be huge for your project and for TRON itself :slight_smile: .

Looking forward for your feedback ! Thanks and good luck

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Hi, there. We have exclusive right to license Panini soccer game card, our Panini Sport Manager GameFi version will be release soon. You can check out our active website later and it won’t be long. :heartbeat:


Whoa! This is amazing. I wish this was available when I was a kid.

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I Love Panini and their album collections, and this is a mandatory step for them to be updated on the last technological evolutions.
Good job!


I like panini collection


wish you all the best.
good job.

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We will release the Panini series soon. :heartbeat:

Quiero ser parte de este proyecto.