PAT3NT by CodeDecoders - Showcase Super Unique Ideas as 3D NFT Patens

Project Name: PAT3NT

Project Track: NFT

Team Name: CodeDecoders

Team Member(s): Maadhav Sharma (@maadhav), Kunal Jain (@kunal528), Manikanta Nynala

DevPost URL: PAT3NT | Devpost

Project Goal: We want to create a platform where developers and designers can showcase their ideas and keep themselves motivated to keep building their projects. We also want to create a new revenue stream for developers where they can sell their ideas, the more progress done more the price of the NFT, leading to keep the development active.

Project Info:
Complete detail on our project can be found in our pitch deck, attached below
[Uploading: PAT3NT Pitch.pdf…](Pitch Deck explaining in detail)
Pitch Deck Alternative

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Connect the wallet with Shasta Testnet
  3. Go to Create and enter details for a new idea
  4. Mint the NFT
  5. Go to Explore
  6. Click on “GameFi” Category
  7. Click on the Idea NFT
  8. Try to make an offer
  9. For running the project locally the steps are mentioned in the Github Readme:
    GitHub - Code-Decoders/patent-nft-app

Project Details: Video Walkthrough

Project Milestones: We were quite caught up with the development of the project, but we have a future roadmap which we are trying to complete even after the hackathon.

Any Feedback and comments are appreciated. Looking forward to interacting with the community and keep improving this project.


your website isn’t mobile friendly…

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Thank You for the feedback, as we had less time and more complex things to implement, we were not about to accomplish the mobile support for the website. Although it is one of our main priorities in the upcoming months, as written in the future roadmap.


I hope our idea was clear to you.

In the future can i use this with my mobile phone ?

Yes, that’s exactly what our plan is. We will be building a PWA support to the website which would allow the website to run as a separate app in the mobile device.

Interesting project!

But what is the difference between this project and a previous project ?

Good catch :clap:
@admin.hackathon shouldn’t it be in the ecosystem track as they are bringing it from Polygon?

So the project was first developed and published on the tron blockchain, as it can be seen by looking at the GitHub repo. Although, due to various issues in acquiring more users, we also launched a native EVM version in order to compare the user acquisition on both ecosystems. Apart from that, the projects are exactly the same.

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I love the idea :bulb:keep building guys

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Nice project but the aspect of selling of ideas ,i would have preferred if the idea is funded and help to grow into d next big thing

I totally understand your point, so if you see the future roadmap as well, we are brainstorming a way to figure out with how nfts can be used a a medium to find project ideas. The thing that we have come up is with right now is the concept of dynamic NFT for the idea/project. So ya that kinda would work as your proposal.

Anyway thanks for the feedback, appreciate the effort.