Petition to SRs to remove support for Copy Pasta NFTs

Can we garner enough support for our SRs to vote on removing any and all support on official platforms for Copy Pasta NFT projects? And I mean especially ApeNFT. There is no reason for us to continue as if we aren’t the best blockchain and don’t have original artist in the NFT space.


I completely agree. NFTs should be original and unique. There are so many telented artists and new NFT related projects on Tron, that I don’t see why we should have clones on APENFT or any other marketplace.


Totally agree, why are all these copycats and scams allowed on ApeNft and automatically get the blue ticks, when original projects asking to be listed keep on getting the goal posts moved? Get a grip Apenft or you will lose out big time as will Tron


We need to remove all copycat projects from tron blockchain as it’s not helping it grow. People from eth will not want to come to tron if they see copycat projects and rugged projects. We need all copycat and rugged projects removed from apenft and get them to take away all verified blue ticks on those projects.


I love this idea!!!
I agree 100% The Tron Blockchain is amazing.
It sucks that people associate the chain with being a “Knock Off” to anything created elsewhere.
There is insane amounts of use cases for the Tron Ecosystem…
So many talented artist/developers and all…

IMO We gotta loose that knock-off / Flea Market / 2nd hand store mentality


I agree. Surely there could be away to validate truly authentic projects.


I hope next support.

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Is any SR in this forum? Let the SR take this up please, we are serious about this.

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Totally agree, why in earth are ApeNFT actually allowing them on, it’s no wonder some of the actual originals are now delisting complefrom ApeNFT

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hmm, a pretty complex question imo but maybe it’s for the better to remove copy pastas

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Hey Tronics, me and my friends are creating an original NFT project on the TRON blockchain and would love your support!

Our project name is TRON Fight Club and we are planning on participating in the upcoming hackathon.

While our social media presence is not currently the strongest, we are have spent the last two months diligently creating good art, making the minting smart contract and setting up the website.

You can check us out on Twitter @TronFightClub. We have also attached a sample of our artwork!

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I believe the Tron SR could help us fix that

Nfts copycat will be dangerous to us

Tron SR have nothing to do with that. They don’t have influence on Apenft policies and can’t prevent people from issuing a copycat. Tron is decentralised which means that anybody can create his own token (fungible or non-fungible) without any control.

If you think that a nft project is a scam, please contact apenft’s team directly as only them can decide to remove it from their platform.


Yeah good idea, would give the original NFTs a incentive and grow the TRON community.
There’s a project in the Hackathon S2, JustRug Launchpad (I think) that supports NFT Creation/projects. This would help build original TRON NFTs


NFT should be original rather than copy