Rastro Mainnet Video Tutorial

Whats Ratro ? Rastro By Pacman - An ERC 4626 inspired Tracable and transparent channel for token transfers - #49 by pacman


Step 1 : As an organizer, you will deposit stable coins into a secure vault. This vault is open for donations from anyone, enhancing the pool of available funds. However, the power to allocate these funds lies solely with the organizer.

Step 2 : As the organizer, you will have the authority to decide which vendors are eligible to receive funds from the vault. To maintain fiscal responsibility and control, you can also set specific withdrawal limits for each vendor. This ensures that funds are distributed in a regulated manner, preventing excessive withdrawals and promoting fair access.

Step 3 : Now its time to distribute funds to intended distributers , what actually being distributed here is bearing tokens. Importantly, recipients can only send these tokens to vendors pre-approved by the organizer. Any attempt to transfer tokens to someone else except unapproved vendors will result in a failed transaction, ensuring that funds are used as intended and maintaining on-chain integrity.

Step 4 : Approved vendors can redeem their stablecoins according to the daily withdrawal limits set by the organizer. This redemption process is streamlined and secure, allowing vendors to access their funds efficiently while adhering to the control measures in place.


Looks cool ! I like your step by step video demonstration . Great work team. :pray:
Congratulation for your mainnet as well

Thanks for the support . Don’t forget to try the app and give feedback.

Here is the release of our latest UI feature ! Now, distributors can seamlessly transfer bearing tokens to approved vendors directly through the user interface. This update enhances the ease and efficiency of managing token transfers, making the process more intuitive and user-friendly.

Crucially, we realized that we had missed including this feature in the previous steps. We have now addressed this oversight and incorporated the token transfer functionality into the user interface for your convenience.

Spent some late-night hours making fixes and committing changes to the project.

Thank you, it’s very nice. But you opened the topic under the wrong category. This is the feedback section about the tron ​​dao forum platform.

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