Rastro By Pacman - An ERC 4626 inspired Tracable and transparent channel for token transfers

Project Name: Rastro
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: pacman
Team Member(s):@pacman
Devpost Project Link: https://devpost.com/software/rastro

Project Website: https://rastro-test.netlify.app/

Demo Video : Video

The Problem : Rastro seeks to solve is the lack of transparency and accountability in traditional conditional cash,token transfer mechanisms. With conventional methods, once funds are distributed, tracking mechanisms become obscure, hindering the ability to trace the precise journey and utilization of the funds. This opacity poses significant obstacles in ensuring that funds reach their intended recipients and are spent appropriately. Rastro addresses this problem by leveraging blockchain technology to create a traceable and accountable channel for direct money transfers, thereby fostering transparency, efficiency, and direct impact in various sectors

Project Value and instances : Rastro provides a transparent and accountable solution for distributing conditional funds transfers, addressing the challenge of opacity in traditional methods. By leveraging blockchain technology, it ensures that funds are meticulously tracked from distribution to utilization, fostering trust and accountability in various social welfare initiatives. For instance, in critical humanitarian aid efforts, where the timely and transparent allocation of funds is paramount, rastro offers a dependable mechanism to ensure that assistance reaches those in need efficiently. Additionally, Rastro can be instrumental in disaster relief efforts, facilitating the swift and transparent allocation of financial aid to affected individuals and communities, thereby aiding in their recovery process.

Moreover, rastro can support government welfare programs, such as unemployment benefits or food assistance, ensuring that funds reaches eligible recipients promptly and transparently. In educational settings, rastro could enable schools or educational institutions to provide financial assistance to students for purchasing books, supplies, or meals, thereby promoting educational equity and accessibility. Furthermore, in environmental conservation projects, rastro could facilitate the distribution of incentives or rewards to individuals or communities for participating in eco-friendly practices, such as recycling or tree planting, thereby promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Project Goal: The primary objective of rastro is to enhance the transparency and accountability of conditional token transfers, thereby enhancing the effectiveness in areas such as humanitarian aid, government welfare programs, education, and environmental conservation. By providing a traceable channel for direct funds transfers, the platform aims to guarantee that funds reach their intended recipients and are utilized in alignment with the intended purpose. Moreover, Rastro seeks to streamline the distribution process across various use cases, enhancing efficiency and mitigating the risk of funds being misused or misallocated.

Project Working:

Rastro is an innovative platform that facilitates efficient and transparent distribution of digital assets, particularly stablecoins, through a secure and accountable process. Here’s how it operates:

  1. Deposit into Transparent Vault: Organizations can securely deposit stablecoins into a transparent vault controlled by a smart contract on the blockchain.
  2. Minting Bearing Tokens: Upon deposit, the organization mints unique bearing tokens tied to the deposited stablecoins. These bearing tokens represent ownership or entitlement to a portion of the deposited stablecoins.
  3. Distribution to Designated Recipients: The organization distributes these bearing tokens to designated recipients, such as aid beneficiaries or designated parties, as a form of direct digital asset ownership.
  4. Transfer to Merchants or Services: Recipients can seamlessly transfer their bearing tokens to selected merchants or service providers approved by the organization.
  5. Redemption for Stablecoins: Approved merchants or service providers can redeem the bearing tokens they receive back to the transparent vault in exchange for the corresponding stablecoin value.
  6. Withdrawal Limits for Economic Distribution: The organization has the ability to set daily withdrawal limits for each merchant or service provider. This measure ensures an equitable economic distribution across various services and prevents concentration of resources.

Rastro operates with a focus on transparency, efficiency, and direct impact in humanitarian aid efforts, providing a traceable and accountable channel for digital asset transfers.

Technical Implementation:

  • Rastro’s design draws inspiration from ERC-4626 but is a customized vault version tailored for stablecoin distribution.
  • The smart contract manages the deposit and minting process, allowing the owner to control and monitor the flow of stablecoins and bearing tokens.
  • Whitelisted addresses are maintained within the contract, enabling secure and restricted transfers of bearing tokens only to approved parties.
  • The contract enforces withdrawal limits per whitelisted address, ensuring fair and balanced distribution of assets among designated recipients.

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Connect your TronLink wallet to the Rastro platform.
  2. Obtain some USDD from the designated contract.TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
  3. Deposit a portion of your USDD into the Rastro vault, acting as the organization. (An equivalent amount of bearing tokens will be minted accordingly.)
  4. Proceed to add and approve vendor wallet addresses and set withdrawal limits for each vendor who will receive these funds.
  5. Distribute the bearing tokens to the specified list of recipients. (As a recipient, ensure that these bearing tokens can only be transferred to the pre-approved vendors according to the vault’s rules.)
  6. Vendors, upon receiving bearing tokens, should be able to redeem them for the original USDD based on their daily withdrawal limit.

Smart Contract links: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Images:

Deposit page:

Approve Vendors Page:

Distribute Page:

Redeem Page:

Project Milestones:

1.Deploying on Testnets (Done): We’re gearing up to launch Rastro on testnets, ensuring a smooth and error-free experience before going live.
2. Enhancing User Interfaces (Pending): We’re dedicated to updating and refining the user interfaces, making them more intuitive and user-friendly for a seamless experience.
3. Expanding Stablecoins (Pending): In addition to USDD, we’re adding more stablecoins to our platform, providing users with a wider range of options and flexibility.
4. Smart Contract Upgrades (Pending): We’re constantly improving the functionality of our smart contracts to enhance security, efficiency, and overall performance.
5. Mainnet Deployment (At the end of may): Following successful testing, we’ll be deploying Rastro on the mainnet, marking a significant milestone in our journey.
6. Building a Strong Team: We’re actively assembling a talented and dedicated team to drive Rastro forward, ensuring its success and sustainability in the long run.


You are welcome, at first when I saw your name I thought you were going to present a game lol.

How do you enhance transparency from distribution to utilization?


Welcome to Season 6, unlike @Prince-Onscolo thinking at first instance you were gonna present a game, the first thing that struck my mind seeing Rastro was Rasta as in Rastafarians, so I thought this was entirely built around reggae at first instance lol.

Moving forward, I see Rastro aims to use blockchain technology to address the issue of opacity in existing methods of providing conditional cash payments. It guarantees transparency and accountability in a wide range of social welfare efforts, including humanitarian aid, disaster relief, government welfare programs, educational support, and environmental conservation projects.

How does Rastro plan to scale its solution to handle a large volume of transactions, especially during peak times such as disaster relief efforts?


:joy::joy::joy: I used the name pacman


Well, just like other forum members has mentioned their guesses at first, I wasn’t an exception at this guesses because your team name really rang a bell to my ear that led me thinking about those good times I spent playing @TronNinjas arcade. So for a moment, I thought that another opportunity to enjoy those pacman games have arrived again :smiley::smiley::smiley:

From your submission, I believe that your project will best suit for a collaboration from government and some NGOs. So my question now is on how you are going to facilitate this collaboration with government officials to aid in the distribution of those conditional cash transfers

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Welcome team Rastro tron hackathon season 6.

I have read through your project goal and value and i most commend you and your team for the idea.

What measures are put on ground to prevent funds being misused or being misallocated.


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, I can still remember that @Prince-Onscolo used to play Pac-Man around 2022 when crypto is in total mud/crash :drop_of_blood: :joy: ,… that is by the way,…I can’t decode very well, please is this initiatives you are talking right now does it involves crypto in any way or is it theorecally about fiat?


Oh :joy::joy::joy::joy: I won’t mind you

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Welcome to season 6, please how does Rastro make sure that the right people get the help they need, like food or money, and that it’s done in a way that is fair and honest?


Hehehe but I never lied ?

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well ! I dont know how to build games lol but i use to play pacman alot .Now coming to the question you asked about transparency from distribution to utilization yeh rastro enhances transparency by leveraging blockchain technology to track every step of fund distribution, from deposit to utilization. With conditional spending and smart contracts, only approved vendors can access funds, ensuring they are spent according to predefined criteria

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hey @Relate101 if u read the description you will see only trusted and approved merchants have access to funds from the organization

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For the scope of hackathon its limited to usdd stablecoin but yeh it could be for any token.

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Thank you for your kind words! In Rastro, we’ve implemented several measures to prevent funds from being misused or misallocated. Firstly, only trusted and approved merchants have access to the funds, as approved by the organization. Additionally,the smart contracts and conditional spending mechanisms ensure that funds are spent according to predefined criteria, reducing the risk of misuse

I loved your profile photo :rofl: :rofl: I thought it is an artistry project due to it. When I read it I am amazed :exploding_head: very promising project. Is website ready?

While Tron plays a significant role in our scalability strategy, Rastro itself has measures in place to handle high transaction volumes, especially during crucial times like you said disaster relief efforts. Through a combination of Tron’s capabilities and our scalable infrastructure and optimized processes,it ensures smooth handling of transactions even during peak times

haha thanks :sweat_smile:! Nah the website is not ready for now stay tuned! :smiley:

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Ah, collaborating with the government? lol

We plan to collaborate with some ngos or foundations about how our system can help give money to people who need it. We’ll show them how it makes things clear, fast, and fair. We’ll keep talking, show them how it works, and make changes if they need us to. Working together, we’ll make sure the money goes where it’s supposed to.

Guys stop bullying me about my profile pic :sweat_smile: :blush: :sweat_smile:

rastro means rasta in urdu hindi that means a road lol BTW i m a big fan of reggaeton

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