Rastro By Pacman - An ERC 4626 inspired Tracable and transparent channel for token transfers

What are your favorite reggae artists.
I got buju banton, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Damian Marley, Sean Paul, etc.

Why the exclamation on collaborating with government on this? You know they are the big catch on conditional cash transfers. This left me wondering if you haven’t considered the potential benefits of involving government agencies in your collaboration

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yeh bob marley is good ! But my favourites are maluma , jbalvin , bad bunny , anuel aa , manuel turizo , feid , sebastian yatra , bandido :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Yeh you are right! But in my country the government is corrupt! If i collaborate with them they will ban my github lol :sweat_smile: because they see crypto as money laundering . Yeh we have plans to move abroad so maybe we can collaborate with.

Hahaha :laughing: I understand your point here as this is a global challenge facing most countries :sweat_smile: Regarding to those NGOs you are looking forward to collaborate with, how have you planned to ensure regulatory compliance and ensure seamless integration with the traditional method used in those cash transfer systems?

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Welcome to Season 6, in the long run what plans do you have in mind to sustain Rastro, thank you

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You got an attractive music preference, I can’t help but imagine what your playlist would look like.

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Hello Pacman, thank you for submitting your project!

You mentioned funds cannot be misused, but a missing point is how to prevent funds misused after reaching target destination? Do you have any plans to increase traceability of funds beyond blockchain?

At the end of the day I assume most users will use an off-ramp to get fiat and buy their products, making funds untraceable again. What do you propose to fight back this?

Please add dates in your milestones phases and sub activities so judges and admins have a better idea on progress, failing to do so might affect your final score as it is not clear what to evaluate.

Thank you for submitting your project and let’s keep building :slight_smile:

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Hey Marino,

Great question! Rastro indeed implements daily withdrawal limits to ensure that only approved vendors with genuine needs are able to withdraw funds. This is done to maintain trust and accountability in the distribution process.

For example let’s consider CARE International as the organizer of the campaign or the custodian of the deposited funds. They will initially assess the situation and approve vendors based on their needs and trustworthiness. Once approved, CARE International will distribute specific amount of liquidity tokens to selected recipients , and have restrictions for them that not allow them for any misuse of it and so on … then set daily withdrawal limits for each approved vendor.

These withdrawal limits are customized according to the specific needs of the vendors and are approved by the owner of the funds. This ensures that vendors can only claim the amount they genuinely require for their intended use, thereby preventing misuse of funds and promoting responsible spending.

Let me know if it answers your question? :kissing: Have a good day :slight_smile:


Rastro is an innovative platform that facilitates efficient and transparent distribution of digital assets, particularly stablecoins, through a secure and accountable process. Here’s how it operates:

  1. Deposit into Transparent Vault: Organizations can securely deposit stablecoins into a transparent vault controlled by a smart contract on the blockchain.
  2. Minting Bearing Tokens: Upon deposit, the organization mints unique bearing tokens tied to the deposited stablecoins. These bearing tokens represent ownership or entitlement to a portion of the deposited stablecoins.
  3. Distribution to Designated Recipients: The organization distributes these bearing tokens to designated recipients, such as aid beneficiaries or designated parties, as a form of direct digital asset ownership.
  4. Transfer to Merchants or Services: Recipients can seamlessly transfer their bearing tokens to selected merchants or service providers approved by the organization.
  5. Redemption for Stablecoins: Approved merchants or service providers can redeem the bearing tokens they receive back to the transparent vault in exchange for the corresponding stablecoin value.
  6. Withdrawal Limits for Economic Distribution: The organization has the ability to set daily withdrawal limits for each merchant or service provider. This measure ensures an equitable economic distribution across various services and prevents concentration of resources.

Rastro operates with a focus on transparency, efficiency, and direct impact in humanitarian aid efforts, providing a traceable and accountable channel for digital asset transfers.

Technical Implementation:

  • Rastro’s design draws inspiration from ERC-4626 but is a customized vault version tailored for stablecoin distribution.
  • The smart contract manages the deposit and minting process, allowing the owner to control and monitor the flow of stablecoins and bearing tokens.
  • Whitelisted addresses are maintained within the contract, enabling secure and restricted transfers of bearing tokens only to approved parties.
  • The contract enforces withdrawal limits per whitelisted address, ensuring fair and balanced distribution of assets among designated recipients.

Here is more clarified working .Thankyou

Hello! The project pitch looks very promising, but I don’t fully understand the technical part. Could you tell me more about it, especially how the control over the targeted distribution of finances is carried out?

just hit me with the part you didn’t understand :kissing:

Complex technology but a great idea!!

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