Rastro By Pacman - An ERC 4626 inspired Tracable and transparent channel for token transfers

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For those who doesnt understand the working of rastro and its usecase!

Rastro addresses the challenge of transparency and accountability in distributing conditional cash transfers, like token transfers. Traditional methods often lack clear tracking mechanisms once funds are distributed, making it difficult to ensure they reach their intended recipients and are used appropriately. Rastro solves this problem by using blockchain technology to create a traceable and accountable channel for direct money transfers. This means that from distribution to utilization, every step of the fund’s journey can be tracked, promoting transparency and efficiency in various sectors.

For example, in humanitarian aid efforts, Rastro ensures that funds are allocated transparently and efficiently to those in need.
Overall, Rastro aims to enhance the effectiveness of conditional transfers by guaranteeing funds reach their intended recipients and are used appropriately, across various sectors such as humanitarian aid, government welfare, education, and environmental conservation.


AT this time we are working on our roadmap and improving the functionality of rastro will keep updating you guys! The website is all almost ready will post the link in few hours for testing and feedbacks! :pray:

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some transactions link we tested out recently! :grinning:

Thought to share it with the community.

In the next post i will explain the full functionality , usecases and impact of rastro!

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1. Connect your TronLink wallet to the Rastro platform.

2. Obtain some USDD from the designated contract Click on the mint button to get some.
(TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器)

3. Deposit a portion of your USDD into the Rastro vault, acting as the organization . (An equivalent amount of bearing tokens will be minted accordingly.)

4. Proceed to add vendor or merchants wallet addresses by clicking on the add button.

4. Add vendor wallet addresses and set withdrawal limits for each vendor to limit the withdrawal and have control and transparency in the vault.

5. Now distribute these bearing tokens to the specified list of recipients or distributers. (Recipients can only transfer these bearing tokens to the pre-approved vendors according to the vault’s rules , anything beyond it would result in transaction failure).


6. Vendors, upon receiving bearing tokens, should be able to redeem them for the original USDD stablecoin according to their daily withdrawal limit.

Conclusion :

Rastro provides a transparent and accountable solution for distributing conditional funds transfers, addressing the challenge of opacity in traditional methods, it ensures that funds are meticulously tracked from distribution to utilization, fostering trust and accountability in various initiatives .

Feel free to ask questions and give feedbacks

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Make sure to try it out and give honest feedback and review

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