SecureLEND - World's Most Secure Lending Protocol

Project Name: SecureLEND
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Blockdudes
Team Member(s): 2, @amritj @dhruvjain
DevPost URL: Devpost
Project Goal:
Hackers are actively exploiting Blockchain projects and stealing users funds. It is the one of the reason Blockchain is still not adopted by masses.

Hence, we are Building the world’s most secure lending protocol that will detect all these malicious activity and stop them from stealing users funds!

Project Info:
Secure Contract, sUSDT, sUSDJ, Comptroller, Unitroller

Project Website: SecureLEND

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Switch to Tron Nile Testnet
  2. Supply to USDT/USDJ Market
  3. Now, try to withdraw, borrow and repay from the market

Project Details:


Hacks in blockchain are at its peak, more than $5 Billion Dollars are being hacked. More than $800 Billion of assets are in blockchain and a secure system is required protecting these assets and for blockchain to be adopted by masses.

We built SecureLEND to secure these assets from malicious hackers.

What it does

SecureLEND is a lending protocol, that allows users to lend and borrow assets easily using blockchain with the most secure system that can detect malicious activity and stop harmful transaction. Check our docs -

How we built it

Solidity, HTML, CSS, Javascript/Typescript, React, Tronweb, Tronscan

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We built a system that protect assets from malicious hacker and stealing users funds, which will help in faster adoption of blockchain It also stops frontrunners to Front run our users

What’s next for SecureLEND

The current goal is to have it audited and launch it on mainnet. Our plan is to also launch multiple other Secure products.

Watch this presentation to learn more about our protocol

To learn more about us also visit our docs & website -

Website :
Docs :
Video : SecureLEND Overview - YouTube

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Not a bad idea at all.

But my question what are the parameters you will be putting in place to identify if throughly at activity is malicious.

I know of a project called “Lossless” which incentivize white hackers who are able to flag malicious activities. And they are really a force to reckon with in the Defi sector.

What will you be doing different that will make me choose your services over that of Lossless

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Good question @Nana66419

We are very much different than “Lossless”, lossless provides Security Services only to Token Projects, but we are a Lending Protocol(will launch more secure projects like DEX in future) .

Our differences:-

  1. More Decentralized - We can’t control any funds of users in blockchain like freezing their tokens, we stop it before it even happens

  2. Better Customized Algorithm - We are building our detection system specialized for our lending system making our system much more efficient, on the other hand Lossless has a general detection system

  3. Action Time - We detect and stop the hack before even the transaction happens and “Lossless” act after the hack

  4. Usecase - We protect the whole protocol irrespective of the type of token, but “Lossless” only provide their security service to tokens that inherit their architecture before deployment, so if USDD want to secure their coins with “Lossless” they had to edit their contract

Currently, we are using multiple parameters like “Protocol State(Current & After the transaction), Transaction Size, etc.” to put detect malicious activity the harmful detection, this system is currently heavily in the development

Do these answers solve your queries? We would love to answer if you have any more queries


What a wonderful project guys, U took 1 vote from me. Maybe u also check our project. Good wishes in ur competition. :pray: :dizzy:

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Keep it going guys, looks promising!


Nice project this would save most people millions,u earn a vote from me :sparkling_heart::star2:

Hola, el proyecto me parece perfecto a nivel de seguridad de los usuarios, una vez terminado será interesante estudiarlo detenidamente. Suerte

Like this idea. Great results guys!