SECURITY TIPS- New Format (Commercial Offers)

Good day friends and fam,
It seems these scammers do not want us to trade and attain our financial freedom in peace.

They are active 24/7 looking at ways they can scam people for their selfish interest.

The new format they are using now is give you “Commercial offers” and this time around there is no wallet connection but they will ask you give them your email and you will receive pictures and videos as promotional materials.

It will be in a zip format and that zip file contains a malicious software which will affect your pc immediately you download such files and they will get access to some files. Because of my past experience, I did not download this. I asked him several questions. I told him to send me the materials on Twitter and he startedraining insult on me.

Let’s stay safe especially to those looking for jobs online. They show you everything you need to believe with a blue check mark on Twitter.

Please never download any app or zip file from unknown person. Sometimes some offers are not to be accepted. Especially when they dm first.

Stay safe and I hope my security tips are having you in a way. Share and be a brother’s keeper.

Have a nice day.


Thank you for always sharing your experiences with them, this will go along way helping lots of people on how to handle them when ever it comes their own way


exactly, shared on Twitter too.
I hope a lot of people see this and stay safe

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For sure it’s well, let’s stay safe

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This is getting serious.
The more we preach about crypto security tips
The more the are getting more advancement to scam

It’s making it hard to differentiate between legit and fake

Thsnks for sharing this new format call COMMERCIAL FORMAT.

any one could fall for this

Let stay SAFU

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After chatting and realizing I am not one of those guys he can scammed, he insulted me badly.
I reported him to Twitter and thank God his account has been suspended.


I am somehow happy because it was me, maybe it would have been different story if it was a different person involved.

Let’s stay safe, different formats always but do away with downloading especially when it is a zip file


So goo you did the needful by reporting
And gotten suspension.

But that’s not the end
I had to watch the way the operate.

They have couple of other twitter account ready for this.

A real deal will not bring forth such insult


His pains is that you too smart for him

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They have a lot. This one too had blue check mark :joy::joy: advanced scammer.

I gave him one email to send what he said he wanted to send


Sharing my experience
When I was in need for online job as moderator

I met one that sent me a while to download ( saying it contains it’s roadmap, whitepaper etc)

I refused to click on the file

Until we schedule s for Google meeting.

I had to ask that he should share his screen as he click on the file he sent me

We should stay SAFU
As my security measures might not work for all

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Best way brother, if you don’t take care you will end up losing the little you have

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Advanced Scamers

They don’t mind paying for subscribing

Just to get verified badge
In order to help them scams legitimately

Exactly my brother
The pains hits so different

When you trying to accumulate or hold
And a so called scamers
Comes to sweep you off
With few logic

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Hahaha yeah they invest to scam :joy::joy:

And this new format is too risky, he is not telling you to connect any wallet just download promotional materials for your work


Very easy to use on someone.
You can’t tell if real or not

I have paranoid clicking on link to download.
We need to stay more safu

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That was wild :scream: What an idiot

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lol, I was laughing through out

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I wonder why people still fall for this shit. Scammers are always feeding on our greed. :rofl::joy:

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The more the urge for GREED
The more feeding platform for scammers

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