SkillPay: A decentralized Freelancing site, were your skills will definitely pay you

Project Name: Skillpay

Project Track: Web 3

Team Name:
Digital Labs Team

Team Member(s): 6+

DevPost URL:

Project Goal:

SkillPay is a decentralised freelancing dapp, which will connect employers with employees, were freelancers with any skill set can get directly employed or get paid on contract jobs, freelancers will be able to get direct market to sale their ready-made dapps, smart contracts, mobile apps, templates etc. Their payments will be secured through the blockchain, no insane deductions from their sales or jobs done.

Project Info:

White Paper coming soon

Project Website:

Coming soon

Project Details:

Video dem/pictures coming soon

Project Milestones:

  • Currently designing the UI/UX
  • Frontend build will follow immediately
  • Frontend should be ready by 2nd or 3rd week of November
  • Backend/ Smart Contract build kicksoff