Some reasons why you shouldn’t be Late

Good morning tronics, I believe we are all fine…
This season we saw some projects not meeting the deadline. For me this this is the first time I am seeing this. I have been here since season 1.

One thing we have to know as participants, submitting late may get you some points off from the community and the judges. (I am not saying it will but may, personally I have my own way of dealing about this. We know lateness and not meeting deadlines are things that are not acceptable.

  1. Those who submitted early got enough time engaging with the community and making the necessary changes they must do before closing the submission period. For instance, there have been some great recommendations from community members like @Nana66419 @fabsltsa @Gordian @antonio @HODL @Youngyuppie @kaarasamuel9 and a lot more which have helped a lot. For instance this game
    Bird Catcher Game By Team Hunter
    had initial plan of birds being hunted (shooting at them, etc) and through the recommendations from the community, they changed it to birds shitting on us.

Also there were a reminders from @tronbot to projects to complete the missing parts in their submissions, but those who are late will not get any of these which may affect those who will missed some important keys in their submissions.

The last one I was talk about is, most of the late posters won’t be at their best. There will be rush as I said in the the point above and May miss some important keys.

For the part that, this was the reason for late submissions and that, I do not buy into that.
Some projects posted early which means the others could have done the same.

In all, I like how the admins have been able to get projects on board when there were a small technical challenge. I am wishing all projects the best especially those who posted before the deadline. @TuruGlobal @TronNinjas @jigar @tanzhixuan @TronPower

Keep building and thanks to the admins @admin.hackathon @StevenTRON @HunterTRON @TronLive


GM my fellow Tronics.

  • On lateness issues, I wouldn’t blame anyone
    Based one on some issues from the project end.

Just like going to IMPORTANT Ceremony.
Why will I be there on time

  • So I could have time to MEET AND GREET
    With other PROJECTS.

  • Share experiences,

  • Amend one of two based on community interaction
    Get use to the forum and it’s rules, navigation and. Others

All these are benefits of project owners, COMMUNITY members to be early in event like this HACKATHON.

Thanks to @Prince-Onscolo
@Nana66419 @
@fabsltsa @antonio
And the rest of people with active quality contribution.


Estoy de acuerdo contigo, cuando se presentaron las pautas del Hackathon 4 se indicaban los plazos perfectamente, hay proyectos que cumplieron con ellos y otros que se han rezagado pidiendo un periodo de gracia.
Mi opinión personal:

  1. El respeto de los tiempos es fundamental, denota un saber trabajar y ser estricto con lo que presentas, con los demás y sobre todo contigo mismo.
  2. El último momento de presentación entorpece a la organización y al foro.
  3. No encuentro ecuánime que los que se apresuraron a presentar primero no se vean favorecidos, ya que demuestran una actitud positiva sobre su trabajo y hacia a los demás.
    Esto como un principio, enumeraría muchas más cosas.

I totally agree with you

  • Time should be respected.
  • It was clearly stated in the hackathon eligibility rules and rules have to be followed and not amended because of some set of people who felt they were not important, others followed they don’t have an excuse for not following.
  • It was also clearly stated that it’s advised for project to enter the forum and not wait for last minute to do submissions.

Personally I don’t think it’s fair on others and projects who entered late after the deadline period should be allowed to enter next season and forfeit this one.

I wish project who have shown commitment to this community
@TuruGlobal @TronPower @Toastb @JustMoney and others good luck on their submissions


All the best to them
As the show good sense of project building and growth


Well said bro, participating early in hackathon plays a lot in the community as it will give you the opportunity to get to know and interact with the community in a bid to buy their trust.

Again, it will give project devs the chance to identify areas that need improvements in their project as the community will have lots of time to check those projects out and give their feedback.

It’s so disappointing to know that some projects didn’t meet up with the deadline before the gate was shut at them because the deadline was stipulated on time enough for participants to make their submission before this day.

Hopefully, there will be more hackathons to come and projects that couldn’t meet the deadline in this season 4 now have all the time to put their project together and ensure to beat the deadline in future hackathon.

I wish everyone the very best!


Thank you @Gordian @antonio @Darkness @Youngyuppie for comments.
Let stay active and provide positive feedbacks as we do always.
Happy Sunday

Join me wherever you are, I am making the Easter donations today with the help of some #klever and #tronics fam. Visiting an orphanage home to put smiles on their faces


thanks brother, 3 days grace period have been giving but I think to only those who applied on time on Dorahacks.
All the same good luck to all of them

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Your welcome mate
As usual, As a Norms, As a daily routine
Will be active and contribute quality comments
And feedback.

Congratulations for your package for the orphanage
Special thanks and blessings to the Tronics and Klever contributors


Yes 3 days grace period is only for teams who have submitted their projects on dorahacks on time. And I think that is fair since, currently there’s a manually process for forum approvals. Hopefully, we will see more smoother projects forum approvals in the future hackaTRONs.


yeah it’s OK let’s give them the chance to show us what they’ve got. It’s good for our ecosystem when we get great products on our chain but we will still talk about their lateness :joy: Not acceptable anywhere. They maybe lucky today but may not tomorrow :ok_hand:


Yeah was wondering if one can still submit their project or its already too late to do that

Pongase en contacto con el @admin.hackathon, en principio creo que puede si le dan paso.

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Honestly you have said it all :handshake:, I would have added a little spices but I can see you have wrapped it up already
But the facts still remains that this season 4 hackathon gave all projects required time to get prepared, all projects don’t have to joke with announcement channels concerning this hackathon and always keep there eyes always at their respective mails :love_letter:
I want to say kudos to all the projects that have successfully submitted everything that is required it shows how eager and ready they are to deliver :facepunch:,… for those that will still get onboard on the grace period, once your project is good surely you will get maximum support from the community at large
Before I forget I wish all the projects all the best in there respective track🙏
For all the active members, you guys are the real champs :handshake::muscle::heart:


Great list of projects! I support them all.

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This is hard keep doing the good works

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Thank you and bless you :heart:

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Amazing :heart_eyes: you are really doing a great job, keep it up :handshake:

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Some pictures from today’s donations
Thank you for your support :pray:
Thanks to #Crypto
#Crypto gave us this opportunity to bless these less privileged


Thank you for volunteering and being a tool to bless the less privilege, I love this, keep it up :handshake:

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