🚨 Stay Safe from Tron Mining Fraud

Protect Yourself from Tron Mining Scammers: Tron is Not a Mining Coin. Unfortunately, fake Tron mining websites scams are becoming more prevalent. It has come to our attention that some malicious individuals are tricking people by creating these fake websites.

The sad truth is that many are falling victim and only reaching out to the official Tron group after they have been scammed. TRONICs can play a vital role in protecting the community by spreading awareness and creating informative videos. Let’s work together to prevent these fraudulent activities.


Thank you for sharing.
That is why cryptocurrency education is important.

First, Tron is not MINEABLE.

But I seek it that some fraud and scam on going with the cover page of mining Tron with to good to be real Apy

Where newbies especially get to be vitcim of this scam.

Also greed factor get some people to be victim of Tron mining scams.

We should stay SAFU,


Hola, es cierto que muchas personas han sido estafadas, el principal problema es la educación financiera, pero es causado por la misma victima, la cual debería buscar información:

  1. Cuando se invierte en una moneda debes saber que significa, que usos tiene, y una variedad de cosas más, como es el caso de sistema PROF o POS.
  2. Verificar quien está detrás del proyecto, y si lo que ofrece tiene sentido.
    Esto como las dos partes principales.
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Yes exactly :100: this is right

Thank you for this awareness.
Tron can’t be mined.
Stake and earn

Yes tron can’t be mined anywhere

Thanks for the awareness, this what newbies like me need. The biggest problem is that scammers are doing good job to promote their projects, compared to good projects mote especially tron projects they are really quite

Thanks for raising awareness!!

Thank you for sharing.
Stay safe guys!