StaySAFU by SAFULabs - Securing crypto traders

Project Name: StaySAFU
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: SAFULabs
Team Member(s): We’re 3 in the core team (:wave: @JulienSafu @OmarDiablo)
DevPost URL: StaySAFU by SAFULabs - Securing crypto traders
Project Goal: Protecting millions of crypto investors with the Crypto Scanner of StaySAFU
Project Info: The SAFU Scanner allows you to evaluate in a matter of seconds the possibilities that have owners of a token to scam you through a study of its liquidity, its smart-contract code, its holders and numerous other factors.

StaySAFU scanner is used on the web with its Web App but also on Telegram with its Telegram bot. The Telegram bot is used by more than 300 000 accounts.
We launched StaySAFU 1 year ago. Due to its success, we have continued to evolve and optimize it to be the most powerful and easy to use crypto-scanner on the market.

We are now looking to use it for the benefit of the TRON & BTTC ecosystem

Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: Just copy and paste the smart contract you want to test
Project Details:

:crown: StaySAFU helps you reign over DeFi

StaySAFU tools are used tens of thousands of times everyday, and are integrated by tens of partners with millions of monthly users. This allows us to quickly identify the trends before any price movement.

This data is pure gold, that’s why we decided to give access to it to our premium holders only.

Web app metrics:

  • 300,000/1,000,000 monthly unique visitors
  • +4,000,000 monthly scans

Telegram bot metrics:

  • 300,000 associated accounts
  • 5000/10000 scan per day
  • 150+ community integrating the bot

Project Milestones:

:white_check_mark: Build the first (and most used) automatic smart contract analysis scanner on the BNB Chain
:white_check_mark: Go from 0 to 2M users, in 5 months, without paid marketing
:white_check_mark: Launch of the API and availability of over 100 tools
:white_check_mark: Launch the StaySAFU scanner bot on Telegram
:white_check_mark: Get +20 000 000 scans

:white_check_mark: Integrating BTTC to StaySAFU scanner (Web & Telegram version) - (UPDATE the 14/02)
:soon: Integrating TRON to StaySAFU scanner (Web & Telegram version)
:soon: Create scanner dashboard dedicated to chains, starting with BitTorrent Chain and Tron

Update - 14/02/22

  • Community: Thanks A LOT for your support! Our application arrived a little late but we are happy to be able to participate and be part of the TRON & BTTC ecosystem.

  • Product: We have integrated live code analysis for BTTC smart contracts and it is already very appreciated by StaySAFU users. Here is the demo link


How do you tell if a project is scam or not. Please explain


are the funds SAFU? :thinking:


You can check our website, we just added a banner to make our participation official.

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Of course they are!
Thanks for your support :white_check_mark:

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Can you explain basically how this works

This project look’s great !

It’s a nice idea but it’s better to avoid saying “of course funds are SAFU”. Few days ago people thought their funds were safe on FTX too :sweat_smile:

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Is safu back really?

A nice and great project by all standard. But nothing is SAFU these days. No one saw FTX coming, but they did come.

Sometime ago if I remember correctly there was a project on twitter called “WarOnRug” this self proclaimed professionals let us believed they were the Angels by naming and shaming all $BSC projects that were scamming its investors.

Some were wrong but they were mostly right so the wrongs didn’t really count.

After getting the trust of their community, they said they were launching their own launchpad that will be the safe haven for all crypto investors who were tired of losing funds.

They called it “Fairmoon”

“WarOnRug” ended up rugging the community twice with this project.

So now it begs to ask, how sure are you that your project SAFULabs, has no backdoors where u can manipulate the system and start selling as chilly peppers as tomatoes.

StaySAFU is a much needed project in this space and valuable in the decision-making process during DYOR. How much money it already has saved many investors I can only imagine.
Great to see it expanding into further chains!

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Super impressed with this idea and the progress so far!

Looks very intresting!

Nice project ,how are u going to use staysafu on tron and how does staysafu detects scam