Stormglobalfx Big Scam

Be aware of this website : stormglobalfx

I was contacted by a woman in facebook called : Elsa Thompson inviting me to invest in this website winning 2.5 % everyday on the capital , she scammed to me the sum of 70 000.00 $ , be careful please.

Here is her wallet adress =


If someone can help me to block this wallet ,

Thank you


Hi mate.

Always remember that 100% all of these “investing” companies that promise you 1% or higher daily returns are scam.

Just always think: if a company is so good that they can make 1% a day, would they really scout for the average joe to invest?

Over Facebook? Or Telegram?
I mean common…

Sorry for the loss, heads up.


First of all,
Scammers are mostly on Facebook and telegram.
I encountered them daily with their fake investment scam.

Secondly, I get to doubt Their get rich investment scheme.
That help me stay away from them

Be careful guys


Hello ,

It’s the first time that i have been scammed in my life , all were good for the 2 first weeks , i deposit i withrawl then i deposit and i withrawl , when i arrived to 100k they took all my capital of 70000 $ and the 30k as commission, i have nothing to do now , it was my fault unfortunatly.

Thank you


Everyone can fall for this scam.
This tactic has been used since the first scam came up in human history.
Many fall for this, you are not alone.
Don’t give up, you will recover some day :pray:

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Sorry to hear you lost such a large sum. In the future always question “is this too good to be true?” and remember there is no such thing as a free lunch. Unfortunately, nothing can be done.

Blocking a wallet is not something possible on a decentralized chain. If it were possible nobody would trust the network knowing an external party could cease funds at any time.


It reminds me of a scam I once found called, gods whales of the pump


I was scam just my first time… That taught me a lesson

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Eagle Eye is a platform that addreses this. Check it out!