Swirl Ads. - The decentralised ad platform that puts privacy first, rewards publishers, and offers easy npm package integration. Say goodbye to invasive ads and hello to a better web experience

Hi, @Prince-Onscolo thanks for commenting for SWIRL.

In our platform, we are using the swirl-SDK which will be helpful for publishers to get rewarded after they integrate it with their websites. We won’t take any user data besides their IP address (We need to maintain unique records and be sure about not misusing the advertiser funds). The advertisers will create the campaign and publish it with the budget and the PPC - Pay Per Click amount. The SDK will detect the clicks, store the information in a database, and add the reward for the publisher. The publisher can only withdraw the reward once they reach the threshold limit set by the platform.


You are welcome and please I needed some clarification. Are you rewarding only advertisers and publishers or visitors too?


Hola, @antonio gracias por comentar para SWIRL.

En nuestra plataforma, estamos utilizando el SDK de remolino que será útil para que los editores sean recompensados ​​​​después de integrarlo con sus sitios web. No tomaremos ningún dato de usuario además de su dirección IP (necesitamos mantener registros únicos y asegurarnos de no malversar los fondos del anunciante). Los anunciantes crearán la campaña y la publicarán con el presupuesto y el monto de PPC - Pay Per Click. El SDK detectará los clics, almacenará la información en una base de datos y agregará la recompensa para el editor. El editor solo puede retirar la recompensa una vez que alcanza el límite establecido por la plataforma.


@Prince-Onscolo Currently we are not planning to reward users, we will be adding it in our later versions. The Ads shown on the websites will be according to the website category that the publisher will choose while integrating the app with swirl-SDK. As of now, publishers can only choose one category for a website.


Alright but please consider that and work on it fast. This drives traffics to your website which encourages advertisers or publishers to use your website. Hope you know nothing motivates these advertisers to use your website if there is no or little traffic.

Personally when I started crypto, I was using such websites to earn crypto and I got to know more about crypto from these sites.


Hello, @manfred_jr thanks for showing interest in our project. The only drawback we can find right now is we are not rewarding the users. We will be adding a feature to reward users in our later versions.


Hello @akash, Thanks for visiting our project and showing interest. We have designed the application in such a way that does not use users’ data instead the advertisers will create a campaign with a category of the campaign → The publisher will generate an API token for SDK in relevance with the category of the website and integrate it → The SDK installed/integrated with the website will detect the category of advertisement available and display it in the website according to the category as well as maintain the record of the user clicks and insights on the ads and store it in the database → The publisher can claim the reward from the publisher dashboard once he/she reaches the withdraw threshold limit.


Hello @Aarohi, thanks for showing interest in our project. If everything works fine, we will be launching our website on the 10th of this month. :crossed_fingers:

I believe I still need clarification to my questions?


Thanks for your answer,

I would like to know more about the algorithm or method you will be using to provide a relevant advertisement to users.


Marketing will get an entirely new approach in web3 with utmost attention given to user privacy. Swirl Ads seem to be solving this problem.

I loved the clarity in the Project Goals and hope to see some more rewards getting added to the platform.

Just to be clear, Swirl will not track user data but will find relevant target audience based on the publishers’ content and the tags used right?


Gracias por la explicación, me parece correcto, sigo su proyecto para más avances. Gracias


Yeah, @Prince-Onscolo we are consistently trying our best to complete the site and publish it as soon as possible. Thank you for your kind words. You are motivating us to keep up the energy. Thank you :raised_hands:

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Alright Mate, thanks too
Keep building

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Good designs and concept.
Looking forward to see the complete project.


The project looks amazing. All the best.!


They present a very interesting project


Hello @Gordian wanted to extend my gratitude for your interest in our project. It means a lot to us that you are taking the time to learn more about what we are working on.

I apologize for the delay in responding to your message. Our team has been fully dedicated to developing the best possible project for HackaTron Season 4. We appreciate your patience during this busy time.

With regards to your questions, please find my answers below.

  • SWIRL can use various algorithms and data analytics techniques to analyze users’ behaviors and preferences without tracking or collecting their behavior data to display ads. One way to achieve this is by storing all campaign data on a smart contract in a decentralized manner. The connection between the SWIRL SDK and the SWIRL smart contract can be established to implement various algorithms like counting user clicks only one time for publisher rewards, clicks based on advertisers’ campaign input, and setting threshold limits for publisher rewards. Publishers can claim their rewards only when the threshold limit is satisfied. This way, SWIRL can use data analytics to analyze user behavior without collecting their data for advertising purposes

  • Another way SWIRL can analyze user behavior without collecting their data for advertising purposes is by analyzing only their IP and location for monetizing ads. Since the platform is completely based on a decentralized manner, there is no human interaction with the app, and users’ personal information remains private. This approach allows SWIRL to provide personalized content and advertising to users based on their location and interests without compromising their privacy.

  • in the near future, we plan to launch our official Telegram and Discord channels, which will serve as a platform for publishers, advertisers, and users to communicate with one another. Our aim is to establish a strong community that fosters collaboration and mutual support.

  • We believe that social media is a crucial component of our project’s success, and we are committed to keeping our followers up-to-date on the latest developments and news related to our project.

Thank you again for your interest and support. If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Thanks for your feedback and kind answers
Once again all the best.

  • I understand the busy schedule behind the scenes to fix things up.

  • I understand too the importance of the IP address
    In the collection and monetisation of ads based on location.
    Meaning, GORDIAN with IP address showing Abuja, Nigeria… Will receive ads based on that.
    Hope I’m correct?.

  • Yes, getting am official social media accounts is very important.
    Please do well to share with us. Thank you.

  • I also got the understanding that a publisher will get to claim. Their reward when conditions Mets.
    I believe conditions like

    Minimum withdrawal,
    Total viewed ads or traffic??


Nothing beats a good reward system, so I’d like to ask;

How do you plan to balance the needs of publishers and advertisers with the desire to reward users? Will there be a limit on the amount of rewards users can earn to ensure that publishers and advertisers are still getting value from the platform?