Tags for past winners

As the hackathon continues to grow, it becomes very difficult for newbies and oldies alike to identify projects that won in previous hackathons.

For this reason, i am suggesting to the @support.hackathon, @admin.hackathon and @trondao that in the coming hackathons when a project submit a forum post there should be a tag indicating that they are previous winners.

Justmoney won in season one and came back again in season three, right from their forum post there should be a tag that shows

  1. Past winner
  2. Past category etc.

This will help community members travel back in time and check their previous hackathons and what they have done to really deserve an attention this season.

Justmoney was used for an example and not pun intended

What do you guys think about this…
@EMerchant, @WindsOfChange92, @StevenTRON, @Gordian, @fabsltsa, @manfred_jr, @HODL, @Nweke-nature1.com, @antonio.


Great idea ! A past winner tag will definitely help users to identify past winners.


yeah yeah it will really help


Justmoney didn’t participate in the third season sir :see_no_evil:


The main reason i am asking for the tag. Hahaha

It would have solved this confusion right here :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hope to see it happen in subsequent hackathons.
Projects reputation will precede them


This idea is ok and it will definitely go a long way


Good morning Boss, you always have good and outstanding contribution, yes you correct this makes lots of sense

This I understand as each winning project of this session should be given a kind of role or Tag, .

I support this


The tag when clicked on can further take us back to their forum post so that the community can further understand what the team is all about.

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Good idea! Thanks for contributing and thinking about improvements! :fire:


Thank you bro, I was also thinking about something like this but thank God you vomited it, honestly it’s a very nice suggestion …I think the admins should look into it and take bold step towards it

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Thank you too, when you have ideas that can help improve the forum as well, don’t hesitate to share it.
You might never know, it will go along way to help all of us

You welcome, birds of the same feathers flock together. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hahaha don’t kill me with laughter :rofl:

Suggesting a tagging system on forum posts by previous winners to improve visibility and recognition and including tags like “Past Winner” and “Past Category” for easy identification is a nice one. Also, proposing a dedicated section or archive for past hackathon winners and their projects for enhanced community engagement is cool too, I cast my vote in support.


That seems like a perfect idea! I’m one of the newbies here and I’m curious about the old projects who won which season in which category so that’d be very useful for me for instance @Nana66419


I think this is a great idea, and I hope the TRON Discussion team implements it.
It would be very helpful for community members to be able to easily identify and learn from past winners.