The Establishment of LionX

Do you want to know how the LionX Ecosystem became Established on Tron ?
Well here’s how it all started …

Right before the collapse of DeFi summer of 2020, Tron Network experienced a lot of Devs migrating from EVM/solidity dominate Blockchains.

As these devs gained knowledge and recognition throughout the Tron ecosystem they started building communities of their own, piggybacking off the hype of the DeFi craze.

Projects such as “Shark Tron”, infiltrated and took a huge bite out of the unexperienced Defi community of Tron. Their Dapps were very well put together with premium quality, Tronics weren’t used to. Even the user experience was superior to anything listed on tronfarms…org at that time.

As these projects grew and established ecosystems of their own, spectators such as myself gained trust and confidence around the vision these guys were painting through development and influential individuals.

Weeks go by and these protocols continue to onboard new users to the ecosystem shifting the network into its own little bull rally on Tron. Little did we all know, these well experienced scam artists halted all their native contracts and started draining TRX that filled the protocol.

This was an intense low blow to the Tron community and new members who freshly on boarded to experience the DeFi Utility of Tron. These were extremely testing times, a lot of Tronics got wrecked during these events from malicious project founders and teams. Meanwhile as these devs and quick cash grab hunters left the network, the LION vision was set.

We all want true Decentralization, but this requires tons of responsibility.

This is where the Alliance aspect came into fruition. A foundation for us all to balance risk/reward as a collective. We wanted to find ways to restore confidence back into the people of Tron. We wanted to create resources to combat/defend our people from exploits &/or scams .

At that given moment the community of LionX was brought to existence. This ecosystem is morally family oriented, seeking never to leave a member behind.

The Lion ethos is built around a unified collective mentality. Helping thy neighbor is a big key to the economical success of LionX in this current state.

The CoreX team by Q1 2021 became establish & these individuals were the first humans to step foot and build on the digital motherland we call LionX .

These individuals vowed to guide the community to a safe path of self-sustainability & Decentralization.

CoreX from that point, immediately started to do their part by building the initial LionX infrastructure while creating opportunities for this brand new economy.

Shortly after, the Lion Digital Alliance Token was born. The Two main implementations to this Scarce Asset is Utility & Governance of LionX .

This Token creation brought the political World of LionX to life. Naturally forming our very own DAO within the Ecosystem.

Any changes made to the platform will only be executed if successfully passed through our LDA proposed voting system.

With governance set into place, the CoreX team tunneled it’s vision on integrating utility and value to the LionX realm. They immediately plugged in full stacked DeFi Networks built around The Lion Digital Alliance Token. Thus creating a structured independent payment system for The LionX ecosystem. Smart contracts native to LionX are built to have little to no human interference, which means these systems run independently with code being law.

As time went on, LionX positioned it’s ecosystem into the NFT space. Making the digital economy one of the first projects on Tron to explore NFTfi.

Experience grew within the community, therefore creating the opportunity to expand Native LionX products, services, tools, and resources around The NFT standard as well as DeFi . These events gave the project a chance to establish itself as a full-fledged operating system through in-house smart contracts.

With LionX being fully Governed by The LionDAO. These political point of views will overlook The self operating systems of DeFi & NFTs. The CoreX team wanted to come up with a way to integrate existing projects & communities into the LionX ecosystem organically, which will Ultimately create utility and value of all types. High level discussions around this topic gave birth to the LionX Umbrella Project .

These projects are advised &/or guided by the CoreX team before fully integrating into the self functioning super power machine of LionX. These projects are the future of this Decentralized Ecosystem of Networks .

Fast forward to current times the CoreX team is actively building the next era of Web3 Dapps on Tron. Our community is continuously growing and positioning itself for the merge of traditional to digital. We’ve integrated the merge with Native Smart contracts fully running our platform. We hope to become a model for traditional organizations to witness the economic benefits of implementing Blockchain and Web 3.0 technology to their businesses &/or communities.

It’s been a long journey, but this is only the beginning for this vibrant Community of Lions.

I’ll leave you guys with one thing I’ve learned over this path of establishing LionX so far…

Try your best to figure out the intentions (genuine vision) behind each project and team when evaluating.

Blockchain & Web3.0 is like Power. There’s no such thing as Good or Bad Power, It’s the INTENT on how YOU choose to use that Power .


Great project community is always supportive and active :heart::ok_hand:

They have DeFi NFTs much more !


It’s time for Roar :lion: from LionX to the world :earth_africa:

I being early adopter of the ecosystem have seen ups and downs but one thing they never down with its #Building all time !

Respect cheers :clinking_glasses:

It has $LDA Token :fire:
CoreX team
Mafiamanes :lion:
Music NFTs
Staking coming this month :lion:

It’s like for the community and by the community complete organic growth :lion::muscle:


a fantastic Defi project Lionx on tron ​​network (token LDA) with nft Mafia, nft music, partship come, Kraflty (Nft),One Mind, JustMoney (create LDA / TRX pool easily and exchange swap) and sunswap exchange to buy tokens LDA .3 interesting pools with apy 200% lda earn , 350% LDA / Trx and lda earn bbt v1.3 200% apy (oasis)a very complex and well-made project. the Lionx team has worked hard . I hope that Trondao gives the opportunity to enhance it. I thank you the Lionx team for helping me step by step with great kindness which is not always understood by the investor. I find this an added value that must be rewarded .good luck Lionx


Fantastic project, already breaking the boundaries, keep it up🎉


You can’t get more transparent then LionX, I joined the community nearly a year ago and have always been impressed by the CoreX team vision to develop and build onto an already promising ecosystem, this community is slowly growing with like minded ppl who never stop supporting Lionx. So much more to come from the CoreX Team​:muscle::muscle::muscle:


:point_right: 3 Keys :key:

What is LionX ?

It’s a Self Sufficient Decentralized Ecosystem of Networks.

Yeah, but what does that actually mean ?

… Let’s break this down to a better understanding by using 3 keys :key:

There’s 3 Key points to take from this motto.

  1. (Self Sufficient)

This can be replaced with Independent, Self Reliant, and or Self Sustained. However you choose to label it, LionX embodies this key feature by supplying a DAO Governed self operating payment structure directly compatible with Products, Services, Tools and Resources Native to LionX

  1. (Decentralized)

On a political aspect, there isn’t a centralized source of authority outside of the LionDAO, which governs the LionX ecosystem. Another highlight of Decentralization within LionX is the structure built around implementing immutable law through LionX Native
Smart Contracts & p2p Networks. The Integrity within these Scripts promote Code being law and requires minimal to no human interference.

  1. (Ecosystem of Networks)

-Networks in Lion Terminology is referred to as Projects/Communities.

-Ecosystem is the Solid Foundation that housed these Projects/Communities.

Look at it like this, it’s (1) Community, made up of Many Communities.

The overall objective of this economy,

is the development of implementing DeFi & the NFT standard to become more

accessible through everyday real world use cases.

As traditional and digital continues to merge through Blockchain and Web3, this community driven ecosystem will continue to provide products, services, tools, and resources to help bridge that gap.

So now that you have a brief understanding on what a Self Sufficient Decentralized Ecosystem of Networks actually is .

Let’s continue to break down the LionX platform into the 3 keys :key:

The LionX ecosystem has many sectors built into its core DNA. These sectors ultimately integrate Utility and Value.

LionX fundamentally splits itself into 3, organizing each sector amongst networks established around DeFi, NFTs, & the merge of them both, “NFTfi” .

(3) Key Features connecting it all, LDA, LionDAO, and LionX Umbrella Project. I’ll elaborate on these 3 keys later on in the topic discussion.

In the near future, projects communities outside of LionX will have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate their native products, services, tools and resources into the LionX ecosystem in a decentralized manner ultimately becoming a Digital Democracy with Tremendous amount of Economic Productivity.

We like to Call this magnificent place

LionX :lion:

-The Digital Motherland


Leaders Influencing Opportunities Now :lion:


The Lion Digital Alliance Token is fully backed by the Economic productivity of LionX.

The Lion Digital Alliance Token is the Utility & Governance of the LionX Economy. This scarce asset is the Lifeline & it fuels the self operating system that underlines the economy. LDA is integrated into LionX to Utilize & Fuel Native Applications and Govern them amongst a Decentralized Democratized setting.

The Lion Digital Alliance self operating system is extremely (secure) from Hacks & Organized Tokenomics Attacks. LDA is naturally developed to evolve alongside the community and ecosystem.
Take the Mining Difficulty of LDA for example, every 5 million LDA minted will increase the mining difficulty level by (1) TRX, until all LDA is minted. LDA is currently on mining difficulty Level (2) which means it will take (2) TRX to mint (1) LDA in the (LDA mining) contract “Jungle”.

By leveraging Tron’s Network, The Lion Digital Alliance Token Is very (scalable) and has proven itself overtime. LDA is implemented in over four smart contracts which continue to record transactions of frequent DeFi interactions while incentivizing productivity.

Lion Digital Alliance Token is Decentralized & Self Operating through LionX Native smart contracts. LDA plays a variety of vital roles within these systems, forming its own payment structure in LionX.
The benefit of having a naturally evolving currency is it positions the economy to be self reliant, cutting out any unnecessary counterparty risk.

The Lion Digital Alliance Token adapts to the needs of the LionX Economy & autonomously incentivizes economic contribution and productivity through Native Smart Contracts . Through the power of Blockchain & Web3 the structured system is transparent to ensure trust & confidence into the ecosystem.

Now let’s get into the technical details of LDA…

Lion Digital Alliance is a TRC20 Token with a capped supply of 100 million LDA tokens.
2% - of the Capped supply was initially premined.
1.5% - went to fueling reward pools in Native smart contracts such as LDA Staking & LP staking.
0.5% - was used as Airdrops & Promotional events, targeting the expansion of the User base.

The Inflation rate of LDA is solely based on the interaction of The LDA Mining Contract (Jungle) & Refueling reward pools such as LDA staking and LP staking contracts, which is only possible through proposed voting held by LionDAO .

Burn Events are implemented into the Tokenomics of LDA & These events consist of but not limited to the LionDAO phase (1) membership fees, buyback burns from unstaking fees and native LionX product sales. These burn events have currently calculated to about 20% of the circulating supply pushing the Capped supply to under 99 Million.

What are your thoughts on this self operating, multifunctional Asset?

LDA Smart Contract address:


Total Minted : 5,021,491 LDA
Total Burned : 1,025,000 LDA :fire:
Circulating Supply : 3,996,491 LDA
Holders : 244
Total Transfers : 7,944


If you like DAO’s you’re going to love this …

The Official DAO of LionX is Named LionDAO.
LionDAO is guiding LionX to become Self Reliant & Fully Decentralized. Ultimately leading the Ecosystem to integrate a Digitized Democracy.

LionX is on a path to become fully governed by the LionDAO, which is made up of Lion Digital Alliance Token holders that vote on proposed Economic changes &/or Integrations.

There’s currently 30 members in our LionDAO and seeking to grow that number exponentially. LionDAO will be fully established in phases, we’re currently in the first phase. I will breakdown these phases later in the passage.

LionDAO allows for the power to remain in the hands of LDA Token holders. Which is used as Voting power/share on proposals presented through LionX Native Governance protocols. The main focus of LionDAO is to govern transparently and independent from any centralized human intervention, including CoreX. The LionDAO gives everyone who owns LDA, an opportunity to shape the future of the LionX Ecosystem.

Let’s breakdown the Phases of
Establishing The LionDAO.

(Phase 1) :point_right:We’re currently Here.
Early adopters of LionDAO are required to pay a (1) time fee of 5,000 LDA, which is immediately burned while Deflating the overall supply. (Transparent Voting polling system is conducted in the LionDAO Telegram Private group)

(Phase 2)
Introduce, Test, & Familiarize LionDAO members with integrated smart contracts that make up The LionX Governance Protocol.

(Phase 3)
Full migration to LionX governance protocol. At this point, LionX will be 100% fully governed by token holders making the entire ecosystem Officially apart of LionDAO.
Anyone who holds LDA will have the opportunity to submit proposals to be voted on. These proposals will consist of changes &/or integrations within the LionX Ecosystem.

What are your views on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations ?


Excellent description :clap::clap::tada::tada:


Let me introduce you to the sector of
LionX umbrella projects.

This is the first layer that represents the economic power of LionX. The main focus is to add value to the LionX ecosystem through a wide variety of utilities.

These projects are experiments to integrate NFTs into real world use cases.

Each integrated LionX umbrella project promotes economic productivity through products, services, tools, & resources.

Before fully integrating into the LionX platform, the CoreX team will advise and guide these projects.

Once fully integrated, each umbrella project will become an official Network in the Ecosystem. These projects will be the spark LionX needs to become a fully self dependent thriving economy.

They will also supply LionX solutions to the traditional path to digitization. They are the future lifeline of this brand new society coming to age.

Contributions &/or integrations of umbrella projects allow for the first layer of LionX’s economic infrastructure to be cemented.

All umbrella projects are governed by the LionDAO, once fully integrated.

This is our 1st step into becoming a Decentralized Ecosystem of Networks on Tron.


It’s really a great thought and team is working hard day in day out to make it successful :white_check_mark::star_struck:

#LionX been my gem :gem: from the day 1 on #Tron seen ups a s downs but they never stoped building :fire::fire:

I am always with LionX :lion::fire::muscle:


As the CoreX team is hard at work on the development of the Lionx ecosystem you should really have a dive into what is already been built, the Lionx umbrella has already got its first NFT launch :rocket:. All Tronics should own a copy of the Tronics anthem by @Weare_1mind. Join the revolution which is Lionx :lion:


Lionx the project is multifaceted and innovative and this is its strength. The lion has to bite because the tron ​​net is now giving positive and good energies. The project has to be noticed because its real price is not correct and not :handshake: even be left to the Elite. :fist: :lion: :100: :clap:


Wonderful project, Amazing community!


The LionX ecosystem’s main focus is to build self sustainability + decentralization through products, services, tools, and resources around DeFi & the NFT standard .

LDA fuels the entire ecosystem.

The structure of DeFi and NFTs integrated within the ecosystem, promotes economic productivity.

CoreX wants to establish the LionX ecosystem into the emerging digital age by leveraging Blockchain and Web3 technology through Tron Network.

New opportunities have emerged with the establishment of LionX on Tron.

In this passage I will breakdown the structure around these sectors and how all this became possible through the community .

Let’s begin with the Self operating system which embodies the decentralized finance Ethos.

Jungle- this protocol is the mining/initial distribution of The LDA Token. Interacting with this contract will give you the ability to mine LDA and earn TRX in dividends.

These fundamental contracts are made specifically for the code that Lion Digital Alliance Token possesses.

Other than the LDA Token Contract, Jungle was the first smart contract implemented into the Self operating system of LionX .

This is a Longevity play for most members interacting with the Jungle Contract.

Infrastructure contracts such as Jungle, LDA Staking, & Staking for Liquidity providers are the backbone of stability within our payment structure.

Outside of speculative price action between the pairings of LDA and TRX, Lion Digital Alliance Token is back by the productivity of The LionX Ecosystem with the first layer coming from the interactions of contracts vital to the infrastructure.

Delayed gratification is key to the success for any new economy or community. Our contracts naturally reward these contributions and actions.

Jungle, LDA Staking, and LP Staking all work seamlessly together. You are able to cycle rewards back into these contracts without withdrawing your dividends.

For example, The TRX you earn from LDA Staking can be rolled into jungle to mine LDA and grow your jungle share percentage, and the LDA you earn From LP Staking can be rolled over into LDA Staking to increase your pool share.

The fundamental Mechanics of these reward structures for each infrastructure contract are similar .

Each contract has its own reward pool with LDA tokens in it. These reward pools distribute 2% of the total amount of each pool every 24 hours. Depending on your personal staked amount will dictate how much of the 2% distribution each member will receive per 24 hours. With these rewards you have the opportunity to withdraw or roll your rewards back into the contract to grow your positions.

The only fees we have presented on our platform is Jungle & LDA Staking, which are split up amongst participating members.

These Fees consist of

Jungle Contract - Entry & Exit fee, which a portion is instantly sent to members & the other is entered into the reward pool for distribution amongst members.

LDA Staking - Unstaking Fee - This is paid in TRX, Which is instantly split amongst members staking + another portion is used to buy LDA directly from the market & recycle LDA back into the reward pool.

Please read the breakdown before entering these contracts which are located on these sites.

Let’s gravitate to the NFT sector of LionX.

The main focus of this sector is to explore the resources of the NFT standard. We strongly believe that NFTs Will tap into every traditional industry, therefore integrating NFTs into real world use cases is inevitable.

The merge of traditional and digital is upon us and we want to position ourselves as a collective in a safe decentralized manner. Matching NFT with utility is currently a big focus in this sector.

Let me show you some deployments already made from LionX.

These collections are all eligible for perks such as but not limited to exclusive airdrops, events & staking capabilities.

:point_right: MafiaManes- this collection is a Scarce supply of only 100 which Main Utility is giving you exposure to the resources of DeFi.

(GEN 1) has the ability to earn passively with it without Staking. (1-50)

(GEN 2) gain exposure to DeFi through NFT staking capabilities. (51-100)

:point_right: LionX NFT Store- an online store which is made up of limited supply NFT collections that are backed by physical items. The first collection is the OG T-shirt design, with a supply of only (25) 3D NFTs & each NFT is back by (1) physical T-shirt.

:point_right:OneM1nd’s “Tronics”- OneM1nd is a music group who are bridging the gap between music and NFTs. They created a song strictly for the Tronics & Immediately converted into a NFT collection of 500 with six different rarity traits. This collection also gives you exposure to DeFi with NFT staking capabilities.

All proceeds from mints of These collections above are used to develop the core infrastructure of this multifunctional LionX economy. Products- create opportunities for tools and services to be natively accessible.

Other than donations and community contributions this is how our Ecosystem has become developed into what it is today. The project was built by the paws of Lions. We like to embody the true meaning of Community Driven.


Excellent download of this amazing project :+1::+1:


:point_right: We’ll be elaborating further on LionX + Don’t Miss the revealing of our brand new product launching out of the LionX umbrella. Check this exclusively in The Grand Hackathon Season 2 Discussions.
We look forward to Seeing you there :wave::lion:


Absolutely amazing devs/ ceos of this project. They are working very hard to produce passive income for the community. They are a huge family a group of people with caring hearts. I’m extremely excited to see the future for lionx! Keep up the great work!