What is The LionX ecosystem?

:lion::x: in a nutshell :peanuts:

(What is LionX?)

LionX is a Community driven project seeking to create a Decentralized Ecosystem of Networks.

These Networks integrated into the LionX ecosystem will consist of products, services, tools & resources built around DeFi & The NFT standard.


Lion Digital Alliance Token is the Utility & Governance of the LionX ecosystem.

(LionX Umbrella projects)

These are Projects/Networks native to LionX & advised by The CoreX team.

(CoreX mission)

The main mission of the CoreX Dev Team is to help guide the community on a safe path to Decentralization & Self Sustainability.


Governance is one of LDA’s primary use case. Though LionX based Governance smart contracts, you’ll be able to create proposals &/or Vote on any changes within the LionX ecosystem.


Fantastic project LDA congrats


Interesting :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: and educative

This really explain everything about it

If all program is talking about this defi, nft etc who will talk about something new ???

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DeFi & NFT has yet to reach it’s full potential …
This will fuel new trends as becoming the foundation of innovation …