The TRON grand Hackathon Season 3 - Winners Announcement

Great hackathon yall! Happy to receive a prize. We are currently working on generalizing the oracle to handle non-binary questions! Let’s see how it goes.

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I have another question, can we expect to get payed before 2023 starts? I think many (including me) would appreciate that for tax reasons, since you can match it against capital losses in 2022 then. Especially since crypto went down so much in 2022, I think many of us have losses :laughing:

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The exact date to get the prizes is unkown and I assume it will depend on how fast winners fill and send the form (like last season).


Could you help me with what application or website I use to get the prize money. And is TRON USDD same as TRX?


Download tronlink from either Appstore or Playstore. Create wallet, they will definitely request your trx wallet address.

Copy ur address when it is requested and send it to them.

Also the USDD is just like USDT but this is native to the tron blockchain.

After taking ur prize in USDD, you can use @JustMoney by @fabsltsa to swap it to $Trx.


Congratulations to the winners :tada:


Congratulations to all the winners.

We, Hextopus Team is really excited about winning the 3rd Prize in Web3.
Hextopus has just taken its first step. We are now preparing for the mainnet launch. We will improve UI/UX first, and start building community.

For those teams(protocols/dapps) who want to do CPA marketing on Tron ecosystem, please feel free to contact us to

Thanks to everyone, especially to @admin.hackathon and Tron Dao Community.

Please stay tuned to our project, HEXTOPUS :octopus:


We are really pleased to be part of the TronDAO Forum winners.
Thanks to the administrators and TRON to have organized this great event.

Proud to be in TRON family


Congratulations to all the winners I am so happy for all of you, it’s so sad my projects was disqualified, but I am positive and take everything in good fate, the future is brighter and greater.
Everyones moments will come to get an ultimate prize for their works…
I am happy and congratulate all the winners in this season 3 hackathon.
Kudos to you all and greater heights I pray for all of you…


Please @admin.hackathon please bring some persons in the forum to caution, so they don’t attack people with bad blood or make others feel there are against their growth.
For a fact criticism should be constructive and meant for growth and not to tear others down and make ourselves appear the good guys…
I see alot of bad blooded comments and harassment to people’s projects by some individuals here…
Please it should stop and we should see everyone the way we see ourselves and try to help others grow and not tear them down.
It’s often said what you sow you shall reap, if you speak bad of others, one way or the other you shall reap yours.
So let’s be good to ourselves please…
We are all looking for the growth and inclusiveness of the Trondao ecosystem in our projects


Thats a good advice right there. Anyone that reads this post will definitely learn a thing or two from it. Thanks for putting it across. United we stand, divided we fall.


Hola, lo único importante es lo que uno cree, de el depende saber como actúa, más tarde recogerá lo que siembre. Hay un dicho en mi País que dice, quien siembra tormentas recoge tempestades.


Heartiest congratulations :partying_face: to all the winners and also to all the builders who participated… creating a project which the community uses is the greatest win :+1:


Congratulations to all the participants who won something in this hackathon. And to those that didn’t win anything, i say better luck next time.

For those planning to come to season 4, i believe now is the time to start building a community.

Those who keep winning something in the community forum are those that keep building and have the backing of its community it is serving.

See you in S4.


Congrats to all Hackathon winners and runner-ups, and also participants of the TRON Grand Hackathon. :partying_face:

We, the Tokinhers Team, are very happy to have been placed third in the Defi category by judges and the Tron community. :boom:

We put a lot of effort into starting this initiative, so receiving recognition feels amazing. This project will be carried through to the product stage. We will greatly appreciate any suggestions and feedback. :v:t2:

Thank you @admin.hackathon for organizing the hackathon. Thank you, judges, and last but not least the community for their support and interest in Inheritokens! :+1:t2: :slightly_smiling_face:


I am so curious like how these projects

like these projects are not even on Tron blockchain. like some of use do almost the standard of the tron we are not even get the small prize to persue our project.

not say they are bad and ours is good. but just curious what are thinks we should remember to win and get some traction.

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The requirements for ecosystem track i believe was that a project should be pure Ethereum project that has plans to bridge to tron.

So they were in the right track and they deserved to win. Why single out a project when all those in that category are not on tron?

Just keep building, and also start building a community if you really want to win something in the community forum. My dm is always open. U can link up.

But in the meantime i wish you success in s4

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Congratulations, your project is solving an issue that is quite familiar to everyone in this world.

I voted for you and i am happy you excelled. Wishing you all the best as you continue to build even sTRONger.


Heartly congratulations to every winner. :raised_hands:

We are a little disappointed by not winning but I guess that’s fine sometimes.

However, we want to get everyone’s genuine feedback on what we can improve to perform well in the next season to get recognised.

We learned that you need community backing to win community prizes, but apart from that, we are open to your feedback on our project as we think outside inputs are also necessary.

Also, We would like to thank @admin.hackathon and every community member who supported us during the hackathon and in voting. You guys were really busters :metal:.

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We are elated and humbled to have won 4th place in the DeFi category, as well as the bonus and community prizes!

We launched on BTTC in time to submit to the hackathon, so folks can try it out at on the BitTorrent Mainnet! You can farm, send ELK between many blockchains, stake, and look forward to our Bridging as a Service and Farming as a Service features coming to BTTC!

We are looking forward to Season 4 and plan to launch on TRON.

Thanks to everyone for the votes and for letting us participate! It continues to be an amazing ride, despite the market!