Tools and Resources for the future of the Web

I believe the future of the web is going to be spatial. The internet as we know it now has enough resources and tools available, though scattered to achieve this. Publicly accessible AI are going to be the way to automate and navigate the procedurally generated internet of the future. Blockchain enables the persistence and decentralised storage like BTFS enables the storage layer of persistent assets. If we start building more opensource tools with AI assistance we’ll be creating also be creating a framework for AI to buidl on it’s own. That has a mixed bag of implications. I gravitate towards the utopian outcome as I’m sure many of you do too. I believe we all intrinsically want abundance, freedom to be, to explore, to learn, share etc.

Anyways, here are some tools that could be useful to help in build stuffs for the hackathon or otherwise -

Share useful resources here as well for others to find :slight_smile:

Also, feel free to join Paracosm Labs on Discord. This is the parent community of goStables team, Sorrel Banq team, among others coming soon. It would be great if more folks could join so we can all begin exploring, organising and building more cool stuff, collabing with each other and AIAs:

Anyone wants to help us co-buidl a Planet Engine using A-frame, AIAs?, this could be an interesting hackathon submission idea for you. Check out #idea-pool for more info…


thank you so much. I am not a developer but t
some of these will be very useful for me


I hope you don’t mind the question, since you’re not a dev, what do you normally do for work+play and how would you like to see that improved or something new? Maybe something we’re working on at the Labs could be useful…

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I spent most of my time on social media.
I love tech so I am always learning new things coming on board. Love what you are building too…Sorrel banq…monitoring everything

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Thanks for sharing this
Information with us

I personally have interest in. AI tools
This will be the big next moves on the internet of things