TRC-10 on Tronscan got "Unsafe" status

Hi everyone! I issued a TRC-10 token on the mainnet and it almost immediately got an “Unsafe reputation.” However all the information about the website and project was filled in.

I submitted several requests to change the token’s reputation to neutral or unknown about two weeks ago via this tool, but I haven’t received a response from the Tronscan support team yet. :sweat_smile: Can anyone help me? Is there any other way to contact the support team? Thanks!

I already asked in telegram developer group too but got no response nor reaction. It’s kinda sad that TRON team without proper check decides whether you are scammer or not.

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website & docs
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I believe all new TRC10 tokens get the unsafe rating as TRC10 is only used for spam transactions these days.

You should consider trying the TRC20 standard instead. Also any token with “TRX” “USDT” and other known Tron token in its name will automatically be blocked.


Thanks for the advice! But this token is just used as unit of account so imo it’s kinda useless to deploy whole smartcontract and call it for something simple like that. TRC-10 is more than enough for this.

Also this and this TRC-10 tokens are relatively new but their reputations are Neutral. That’s why I suggested there was some way to change reputation.

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@admins can you help me with this?

I talked with the TRONSCAN team and they said they would fix the reputation.

I’ve been seeing a few of these issues with TRC-10 tokens from developers since they auto flagged it to unsafe, TRONSCAN should just auto mark them to unknown.

Will recommend they change this for future TRC-10 tokens.


Ohh, I’m really grateful for your help! Token reputation is already fixed :smile:
Much thanks!

Sounds really nice. Maybe it will help other developers to understand how simplicity of TRC-10 standard is great in its own way.

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I’m sorry to bother you but is it possible to fix reputation for this token also? I’m ready to provide any required information if needed

Please give me the token project website, contract, and a description of how it is working or usage.

I can’t guarantee reputation change but I can contact the TRONSCAN team.

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@karmack let me know, when you got time.

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I’m really sorry for the delay in answering you and really am grateful for your patience. :sweat_smile:
here are the links:

  1. - website
  2. - whitepaper

Your willingness to reach out to the TRONSCAN team is already appreciated. Thanks again for your help!

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I’ll DM you.

Also, any further users looking to update their token on TRONSCAN please use the contact us form and make sure you specify everything clearly. TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器


hi guys, same thing happened. used the contact form. If windsofchange92 can speed it up - would appreciate it. Token/contract; 1005047 Cheers everyone