TRON Grand Hackathon Season 3 - Get started Now!


I have participated in Hackweb3 at Harvard University. I want to submit for the Academic track too!

Project Name: Tronify



Hi all, this is general feedback to those who couldn’t join our Hackathon S3 in time. Please note that we have repeatedly stressed that hackathon participants should begin making a project post towards the start of the Hackathon and not towards the end of the Hackathon as one of the requirements was to stay engaged with the community during the Hackathon period.

The forum was bombarded with tons of spammers and potential vote buyers that tried to game the system right before the submission period was over, hence there’s a backlog of posts the admin team needs to go through.

We have also sent out reminders on Devpost updates multiple times on creating a forum post early to avoid potential issues like this.

Since the Academy Track was organized by another organization other than Devpost and they had different Hackathon dates, we are only allowing last-minute Academy Participants to publish their posts on the forum at this stage.

Thank you for your understanding.


When does the voting end?
Here it says 13Nov & on Devpost it says 4Nov?
Which is right?


Hi @Mayank both dates are correct.

For the judges, they will need a lot of time to go through the projects thoroughly, so they will start judging on Nov 29 to Dec 12 MST.

However, for community voting, the voting period is shorter as requested by the community after we had our Season 2 Hackathon so it will only span from Nov 29 - Dec 4 MST.


This is great, I was also wondering if the most successful project will win the First Position because of those that have been ready to buy vote for them self, I am relieved with this information, please @admin.hackathon and Co-Team see to this very issue to the End of the season, Thanks

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That’s a good logical decision ! May be an official announcement on social media would help as many participants might not be aware of these changes .

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Yes announcement on Twitter or FB need for all participants as it reduced to 5 days from earlier

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Good observation Mayank :+1: keep supporting community

A generous move by TronDAO team for Academy Participants :clap:

Hola, un buen detalle y consideración por parte de TronDao, en que Academy pueda presentar sus publicaciones en el foro.


Good luck guys on this

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Eaxh categories have different Judges or same Judges will judge all categories of hackathon

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One panel of judges will review all the projects, track by track.


No pude votar en el anterior, espero poder hacerlo en este que viene

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It’s a tough hackathon may the best project win, wish all participants best of luck

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Thanks @fabsltsa for clarification


Yo también espero poder votar en este

I like this forum, congrats Trondao

f*ck I didn’t finish :frowning_face:

Next week is going to be very exciting :wink: