Tron Heart Beat

Project Name: Tron HeartBeat
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: Tron HeartBeat
Team Member(s): RyleyK9 (1 Person)
DevPost URL: Tron HeartBeat | Devpost
Project Goal: To allow users to distribute their assets in the event of death.

Project Info:
A willFactory smart contract that allows anyone like myself to generate my own unique per
account Will smart contract. The latter allows me to register my account and USSDt, BTT, JST
and WIN tokens that I hold. I have to also approve this smart contract to transfer these tokens
from my registered account. Then I can register the account I want my tokens to eventually be
transferred to along with what percentages per heir account and a message.

My will smart contract together with the server that keeps pinning it, checks if I have pressed the
HeartBeat panel or if my registered account has its balance reduced (a proof of payment energy
and therefore myself being still alive). In such cases the Will smart contract resets the trigger
points. Otherwise as soon as Tron Chain block number surpasses each trigger point, it update the
stage of my will smart contract from 0 to 6 with 4 being the point where all my registered and
approved tokens move from my account to the Will smart contract and at stage 5 these funds are
dispersed to my heirs as per the percentages I set up.

Project Website:
Project Demo Video: Tron HeartBeat - YouTube
Project Test Instructions:
Make sure you have more than 2500 TRX to create your own Smart Contract.
Please see the Readme file on the Github repository for full instructions on use and installation.

Project Details:
Using Solildity for the willFactory and Will smart contracts, React for the from end, TronLink Wallet
for signing and Nodejs for running a server to keep pinning the smart contracts

Project Milestones:
It is important to design things well before coding. Initially I was transferring all balances to the
smart contract at Will smart contract initiation. Instead now the Job gets done but while I am alive
I do not have any restrictions to the balances of my account. When I die what is left eventually will
be distributed.


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