TRON Unlimited Oracle by RedStone - get any data to your TRON dApp!

Project Name: TRON Unlimited Oracle
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: RedStone
Team Member(s): 2: gurbiel, hatskier
DevPost URL:
Project Goal: To provide TRON Builders with any kind of data they need, delivered to their dApps in seconds, and enable them to build innovative blockchain use cases.
Project Info: Tron Unlimited Oracle Hackathon Submission.pdf (303.5 KB)
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions:
How to integrate our Data Feeds with your TRON dApp:
GitHub - redstone-finance/redstone-tron-integration: TRON integration with RedStone oracles

For demo purposes, we have created a dApp, which interacts with the contracts deployed on TRON and fetches oracle data from it. How to use it:

  1. Go to:
  2. Make sure you are logged in to your TRON wallet.
  3. Click Connect to Tron Network
  4. Click Get Prices
    The whole process is also documented in the video below.

Project Details:
DEMO video:

The data about 1100+ assets can now be instantly delivered to your TRON dApp - Prices, NFTs, Stocks, Commodities, On-chain Reputation, and much more. Such infrastructure is an essential step to building Lending Protocols, Synthetic Assets, On-chain Insurance, Options Protocols, and any dApp requiring real-world or on-chain data.
Available Data Feeds: RedStone

If you need even more custom data, go to and plug in any API you want.

How does it work?
TRON Unlimited Oracle is based on RedStone Oracles infrastructure. It uses off-chain components (but still in a decentralized and secure manner) to build extremely cost-efficient Data Feeds. The data is pushed onto the chain only when it’s needed (when the End User of a dApp interacts with its smart contract on mainnet). This gives us a ton of flexibility in terms of what data we can provide. During the hackathon, we adjusted the infrastructure to work with TRON Blockchain.

More technical details about the infrastructure and Integration Guidelines can be found in the Docs: ⛓ Chains integration | RedStone Documentation

Our core technology projects use to integrate us:

Project Milestones:
:white_check_mark: Adjusted RedStone core smart contracts, which are used for data extraction and verification so that they can work properly with the TRON blockchain
:white_check_mark: Prepared a new way of transferring RedStone oracle payload to the verifier smart contract
:white_check_mark: Created tests to check if everything works as expected
:white_check_mark: Prepared a dApp, which interacts with the contracts deployed on TRON and fetches oracle data from it


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