TRON Web3 Profile: The Future of Personalized Digital Identity on the TRON Network

Project Name: TRON Web3 Profile
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: TronDomains
Team Member(s): 10
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Project Goal: Experience the future of online identity with TRON web3 profiles

TRON Web3 Profile: The Future of Personalized Digital Identity on the TRON Network

Experience the future of online identity with TRON web3 profiles.

A Web3 profile refers to a user’s online identity on the decentralized web. It typically includes information such as a user’s wallet address, NFTs, and other data that can be accessed and verified on the blockchain.

With the TRON Web3 Profile, every wallet address on the TRON network will have a unique web3 profile address in the format of This means that every TRON user can have their own personalized profile, which they can use to showcase their digital identity and personal brand.

With TRON Web3 Profile users can create and manage their own Web3 profile using a human-readable and memorable identity, also known as a Tron Web3 Domains ( Users with a simple and user-friendly interface for creating and managing their Web3 profile, allowing them to easily interact with decentralized applications and services.

This innovative feature of the TRON network is designed to make it easier for users to interact with each other and build a community around their digital identities

A Web3 profile created is stored on the blockchain, providing a secure and decentralized method of managing a user’s online identity. The use of a Web3 profile can help users to better control their digital identity and make it easier for others to find and interact with them on the decentralized web.

The TRON Web3 Profile also allows users to customize their profiles with themes, covers, backgrounds, and avatars. This means that users can create a unique and personalized digital identity that reflects their personality and interests. Whether you are an individual, organization, influencer, or verified user, the TRON Web3 Profile has something for everyone.

In conclusion, a Web3 profile is a crucial aspect of the decentralized web and allows users to control and manage their digital identity in a secure and decentralized manner. Web3 profile a simple and user-friendly way for users to create and manage their Web3 profile and participate in the decentralized web.


Start building your digital identity and personal brand on the blockchain.

Digital Identity
A unique web3 profile address in the format of or for each wallet address in the platform.

With the TRON Web3 Profile, each wallet address on the TRON network will have a unique web3 profile address in the format of or This ensures that every TRON user can have their own personalized profile, which they can use to showcase their digital identity and personal brand.

Your key, your data
Decentralized storage of data on IPFS, where only you hold the key to your data.
With TRON Web3 Profile, your key is your data. All data is stored on IPFS, ensuring that your personal information is secure and cannot be accessed without your permission. You can also verify your identity and establish your personal brand on the blockchain, creating a trustless and transparent online presence.

Personal branding
Identity verification and personal branding on the TRON blockchain
The TRON Web3 Profile enables you to build and verify your digital identity and personal brand on the blockchain. This helps to establish trust and credibility with your audience and enables you to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Personalized interface
Interface customization with themes, covers, backgrounds, and avatars
With interface customization, users have the ability to modify the look and feel of the application’s UI to better suit their preferences. This can include changing the color scheme, adding a custom background image, choosing a unique avatar, and more.

Apps Marketplace
Bring the best experiences across the web2 & web3 to one place: your web3 profile.
The TRON Web3 Profile integrates seamlessly with multiple modules on web2 & web3 platforms, including social, balance, NFTs, and wallets. This enables you to connect with your audience across multiple platforms.

Community building
An integrated community, sorted by organization, individual, influencer, and verified profiles.
Our platform enables you to build an expanded and interactive community among web3 profiles. You can categorize profiles by organization, individual, influencer, and verify profiles with blue checkmarks. Advanced tools such as Events, Tickets, and OAT (Collect badges) are also available when participating in campaigns.

Portfolio management
Manage multiple cryptocurrencies and digital assets in one place
Provide an efficient and secure way of managing multiple cryptocurrencies and digital assets in a decentralized and transparent manner. With the ability to store and manage different types of tokens, individuals can have complete control over their seamlessly manage their portfolio.

Social media
Enable decentralized social media and community building
Web3 profiles can serve as a gateway to decentralized social media platforms, enabling users to connect with each other, share content, and build communities in a more open and censorship-resistant environment.

NFT Collections
Dedicated space for NFTs collection curation and display
Web3 profiles can provide a dedicated space for users to display and manage their NFT collections. By leveraging metadata and smart contract functionalities, users can curate their collections and showcase them to the world.

Analysis and statistics
Analyze your audience and attract followers to your web3 profile.
Track your engagement over time, track visits, and find out what’s converting your audience.


What is the TRON web3 profile?
The TRON web3 profile is a customizable digital identity on the TRON network that allows users to showcase their achievements, skills, and experience.

How do I create a TRON web3 profile?
You can create a TRON web3 profile by connecting your TRON wallet to the TRON network and following the on-screen prompts.

Can I use my TRON web3 profile on other blockchain networks?
No, the TRON web3 profile is only designed for use on the TRON network.

Is my personal information stored securely on the TRON web3 profile?
Yes, your personal information is stored on the decentralized storage system IPFS, which ensures that it is secure and tamper-proof.

How can I share my TRON web3 profile with others?
You can share your TRON web3 profile by sharing the link to your profile or by integrating it with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Is the TRON web3 profile free to use?
Yes, the TRON web3 profile is free to use and does not require any fees to be paid to access its features.

How do I update my TRON web3 profile?
You can update your TRON web3 profile by accessing your profile settings and making changes to your profile information.

Smart Contract links: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4 wishing you all the best :handshake:.


You are welcome :pray:
I have seen the example you gave for the web 3 profile with your address, will be happy if I get some pictures or videos of this to see


Well we will add it soon, new update to ensure eligibility for hackathon first.

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Hello Dear Tron Web 3 profile
Welcome to Tron Hackathon session 4
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Bienvenido a esta S4, parece una idea interesante, esperando ver imagenes.

Welcome to this new hackathon, good luck

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Good to have you guys around. I have a domain name for myself and after gotten it, I’ve not heard of any announcement from you or is there anything am definitely missing out here?

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Hi @TronDomains Welcome to S4 Hackathon!

Was hoping to get some insight from you in regards to TRON Web3 Profile:

  1. How does the TRON Web3 Profile integrate with other web2 and web3 platforms, and what opportunities does this present for users/developers?

  2. Can you explain the role of the TRON token within the TRON Web3 Profile ecosystem, and how it benefits users/investors?

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Yes, we would like to respond as follows:

  1. As you know like, they have a marketplace of packaged web2 and web3 applications so that users only need a few simple steps to be able to include it in their web3 profile, they can also customize these modules. When forming a marketplace of web2 and web3 applications we hope that users will have many modules available to use, developers can also contribute and sell self-developed modules on it.

  2. Here we need to realize for holders and TRX fans need a web3 profile similar to so that they can promote their image and connect unlimitedly with users in the community. Its most practical benefits are personal branding and TRON community development.

We are in the final stages of finalizing the mainnet in early May.


Yes we are in the final steps to bring it to mainnet and will officially announce this, please wait a bit more.


Welcome to season 4, i think this is a step in the right direction. Keep building

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Bienvenido al S4, un proyecto interesante con gran utilidad. Suerte

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Hmmm, great work man, I will be looking forward to this

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Most of the questions are answered at the Q&A section. I wish you all the best…


I think this project needs more support and visibility. This is useful for any tron, bttc and web3 user. Keep up the good work!


Your project has a good basics. As a designer with 8 years of experience, I would like to give some advice. Try to get contrasting tones in the colors because it can give off a bit of a depressing vibe. If you get over this issue, everything else is great, you deserve a lot of votes.


I think the same thing is a good project for the chain, it needs a little more visibility and interaction in the forum.


Profile with portfolio and tns will become best combo.