TRON zkEVM - Scaling Solution for TRON

It appears that TRON zkEVM is currently in the testnet stage -

To those that are unaware of what zkEVM is, it is a zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine - an Ethereum state machine that can execute smart contracts in a manner compatible with zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology.

zkEVM is a technology that combines the security and privacy of blockchain with faster and cheaper transactions. It allows Ethereum-based applications to run more efficiently by compressing multiple transactions into a single transaction, reducing costs and increasing speed. It keeps everything secure and private through advanced cryptography, making it a better and more user-friendly way to use blockchain applications.

TRON zkEVM, on the other hand, is a secure solution for scaling the TRON blockchain. It also utilizes zero-knowledge (ZK) technology to achieve low-cost and high-performance transaction processing, allowing developers to migrate their Ethereum decentralized applications (DApps) conveniently.

It also adopts the same network architecture as Ethereum’s EVM, which will provide developers with an identical development environment and support for Ethereum tools and wallets.

We are going to invite some devs that are working on TRON zkEVM to answer any questions regarding TRON zkEVM questions from the community. So, feel free to shoot any questions you have and report bugs you have found on TRON zkEVM!


Cool. So it will not have the same limitations like Tron?

The maximum execution time of smart contracts in the TVM is 80ms, so it did not support longer running functions like verifying zksnarks and transferring tokens in the same function.

I will be super happy to use it, if the contract execution time is fully evm compatible.

Also will it have poseidon hash precompile?


Here are some questions from the TRON Ambassadors.

  1. Will this have a new token or is it using TRX?
  2. Isn’t this what BitTorrent Chain was supposed to do with easy integration and gateway to other EVMS? Why TRON zkEVM, or is it integrated somehow with BTTC?
  3. What is the difference between zkEVM and ZkWrapper?
  4. Will zkEVM be a primary smart contract execution environment for TRON or will it run parallel with TRON?
  5. Does zkEVM provide true privacy or just a cheaper operating environment? For example, if I want to send 10 USDT could I roll it through the side chain and then you wouldn’t know my real TRON address or does it still track back?

Thanks for the question,

  1. It will not have execution time limitation like TVM, basically it is fully EVM compatible.
  2. Currently, EIP-5988 is not supported in this TRON zkEVM, it will be further refined in the future.

Thanks for these good questions,

  1. Currently no new token is introduced, TRX bridged from TRON will be used as gas token.
  2. Yes, Bittorrent-Chain is a solution for assets bridge, and TRON zkEVM is another new option, currently they are two independent blockchain, rather than integrated together.
  3. TRON zkEVM is a new blockchain network that support EVM, while zkWrapper is an anonymous protocol designed to achieve anonymous transactions on TRON network.
  4. It will be parallel blockchain with TRON.
  5. It’s actually a scaling up solution, the security and privacy part is about its consensus process. The addresses of transaction is still traceable.

As I know, polygon has launched Poseidon hash function months ago. TRON zkEVM is relatively new, we should give her more time.


In general, I think very cool project. But main question for me:

what projects are currently on tron zkevm testnet? Or what I can do on zkevm testnet right now?


Hi, this TRON zkEVM Testnet has just launched, you are welcome to experience cross-chain bridge, and develop/deploy EVM-compatible projects on the chain.


Hi @Lucastim, We believe that providing a friendly, step-by-step guide showcasing how developers can leverage TRON zkEVM would be beneficial. Is your team planning to create a simple tutorial that guides developers through the process of testing it out? Such a tutorial would greatly contribute to wider adoption.

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I tried the testnet and deployed some contracts and it’s great! But I ran into some errors when verifying a snark (groth-16) with a circom generated contract.

I wrote some live tests to compare that to donau and mumbai testnet and the verification passes on those but fails on Tron zkEvm. I guess there is still work to do.

My question is, when this scaling solution submits a validity proof to Tron mainnet, does it work similar to how shielded transactions work? Will you guys add a precompiled function to verify the proof and the implementation for the verification will be in java with librustzcash ?
I’m guessing it needs to be a precompile to do it without timeout. My point is, will it be something we get to play around with?

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Where can i get the zkevm blockchain explorer

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It’s good to see that TRON is taking attention in zero-knowledge solutions. Looking forward to progression👌

what’s the progress here? and why is it on BTT ?

@Kojopapo im zkevm dev