Zk Labs Tron Rollup by Zk Labs - A zk rollup enabling 200x throughput for dApps

Project Name: Zk Labs Tron Rollup
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: ZK Labs
Team Member(s): 5 @ZkLabs
Dorahacks Project Link
Project Goal: Enabling 200x scale for Tron dApps by developing a ZK rollup for the Tron virtual machine.
ZkLabsTronRollup.pdf (491.9 KB)

Project Details:

zkEVM is an EVM equivalent and zk friendly virtual machine. A zkEVM allows for scaling Tron without sacrificing security or compatibility. Zk Labs Tron rollup can support existing applications, tooling, and infrastructure.

Zk Labs is a L2 powered by zero knowledge technology. Zk Labs eliminates the need for a native consensus protocol with ZK-proofs allowing sustained throughput hundreds of times higher than any L1.

We are deploying to Tron as a Zk layer. Zk Labs improves the usability of Tron dApps.

Zk Labs’s execution layer uses MotionEVM, our ZK EVM-compatible runtime. This allows us to port existing EVM infrastructure while adding new features like parallel processing. We plan to benefit the community in the following ways:

  • Enable EVM dApps to get high throughputs and leverage Zero Knowledge infrastructure.
  • zk Chain and privacy centric zones for dApps to control their own blockspace and avoid congestion.
  • Custom sequencer logic such as block times, returning MEV to dApps, subsidizing fees.
  • Provide tools to spin up private chains that use the virtual machine and ZK Labs execution layer.
  • Advancing the ZK field by contributing to and conducting open research.


It has become clear that rollups will be the dominant scaling solution across public chains.

With zk technology, blockchain-interaction costs will be significantly reduced, especially the transaction cost. Demand will be reduced by a significant amount as exchanges started using rollups, or (in the ideal case) even agreed to meet on the same rollup. In addition to significantly reducing transaction costs for users, this could have the added benefit of greatly reducing gas prices, and freeing up the Layer 1s for more complex contracts.

Zero-Knowledge Rollups

A zkRollup is a native layer 2 scaling solution which uses the blockchain for data avalability instead of computation, which means all funds are held by a smart contract.

For every batch of transactions, a zkSNARK cryptographic proof will be generated off-chain.

This zkSNARK proves the validity of every transaction in a batch which means it is not necessary to rely on Ethereum to verify each signature transaction.

The significance of this is that it allows verification to be carried out in constant time regardless of the number of transactions. This ability to verify proofs both efficiently and in constant time is at the heart of all zkRollups.

Besides, all transaction data is published cheaper on-chain, without signatures — under calldata. Since the data is published on-chain, there are no data availability problems that have plagued other L2 solutions such as Plasma.

Anyone can reconstruct the current state and history from this on-chain data. This prevents censorship and avoids the centralization of coordinators (rollup batch producers) — since anyone can build the state tree from scratch (and therefore become a coordinator).

Why zk-rollups?

The zk-rollup provides a much needed blockchain scaling mechanism that is trust-minimised.

For example, the TRON network handles under 100 transactions per second (tps), while the Visa network averages around 2,000 tps. This limitation in throughput directly affects the price paid for each transaction and constraints its adoption. A zk-rollup increases tps by hundreds of times, closing this efficiency gap.

How is thousands of tps Possible?

Blockchain scalability is improved by compressing each transaction to ~10 bytes: instead of including signatures on-chain, we send a zkSNARK which proves that 1000’s of signature verifications and other transaction validation checks have been correctly carried out off-chain.

Since signatures make up a large percentage of transaction costs (gas), in practice zk-rollups have the effect of significantly reducing the average cost per transaction. This allows zkprotocol to fit more transactions per batch, which results in a greater overall throughput.

Learn more about Zk Labs Tron Rollup here.


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4, wishing you all the best :handshake:.


Welcome to Hackatron S4
Wishing you all the best


Bienvenido a este S4, suerte con su proyecto


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Welcome to hackathon season 4.
Nice project

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Welcome to Season 4!! All the best :star_struck:

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Welcome to Season 4
Quite glad to see Zero knowledge (Zk) in tron as Zk has been a thing in the Crypto space for a while now.

How does the project compare to other scaling solutions available for Tron, such as sidechains and state channels?

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Thank you! What sets zk apart is that the validation proof for transactions is posted on chain as the most efficient possible record of that transaction.

Side chains and state channels offer similar benefits to rollups but there are some key differences. The most significant is that Zk Rollups include both the actual transaction data and proof of it’s validity.

This means they can be incredibly efficient and secure (when properly deployed). We believe that for most dapps with simple transactions and high volume zk rollup is the best option available today.

We picked up from polygon’s approach and have focused more narrowly on Zk and we’re super excited to bring it to Tron!

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Can you elaborate more on the benefits of posting the validation proof for transactions on-chain, and how it compares to other scaling solutions?


Hi @ZkLabs Welcome to S4!

  1. Can you provide some use cases or examples of dApps that would particularly benefit from zkEVM’s high throughput and zero-knowledge infrastructure?

  2. How do you plan to contribute to and advance the zero-knowledge field through open research and collaboration?


Hello and thank you.

We’re working on this because we believe zk rollups will end up processing a significant portion of transactions. That’s to say all transactions and network efficiency overall can benefit. The lower transaction fees are a big deal for DeFi apps, the higher tps is a really big deal for games.

Our plan is to support college students and work directly with programs in Universities. The connections for the early launch of our university programs are already set in place! We have connections to blockchain and software development programs at more than 10 major universities including:

  • Stanford University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Duke University
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Most of the other scaling solutions have their security off chain. Here’s a fairly brief explanation here of how zk validity proofs are checked and what will stand out is that the solution is as efficient as possibly while relying entirely on the built in security of the blockchain.

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Thanks for taking out time to answer each inquiry.


Very detailed and well explained. Thanks alot for bringing such beauty to tron. Wishing you all the best in this hackathon. Keep building


This shows how unique you are, I wish you all the best