TronCheques - Sending Money Without a Need of a Recipient's Wallet Address

Welcome to the hackathon. Indeed, your idea of enabling people to receive money without the need for a wallet address and providing the flexibility to withdraw funds into any Tron wallet is a significant step towards simplifying cryptocurrency transactions. This step could potentially open up the world of digital currencies to a broader audience by reducing the technical barriers to entry. One question I will like to ask is this.

What makes you think that people will like to send or receive money without a wallet address?


Hey @mothupi, interesting project concept!

Similar to @Chukseucharia’s question - have you come across situations often where there is a need to send crypto to someone who doesn’t have a cryptocurrency wallet?

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hey @Relate101 , basically when depositing the money, it goes in to the contract, and a Withdrawal ID and Password and generated and encrypted of course, which will be used to trigger to contract to send the amount to the withdrawer’s wallet. And there is a plan to allow users to off-ramp and withdraw into their bank account when we deploy to mainnet

Hey @Chukseucharia and @MrMinterTRON , I’ll give one example where it’s more attractive to have the ability to send money without a need of a wallet address. Let’s say you want to send a gift card of trx to someone who doesn’t have a wallet, it’s best to send it using my app, since they’ll only need the withdrawal details to redeem the card at any merchandize that takes trx.

Welcome to Tron season 6,
I really liked your idea. And i would love tohear more about it in future

Welcome to HackaTRON season 6, I like to know what additional security measures will TronCheques implement to ensure the safety of funds during transactions without needing the recipient’s wallet address?