Trons World & Klever World

OK in your Project Goal section, you said you are

planning to publish many products that will use our TRC20 and TRC721 tokens during this year.

Can you highlight what these products are and the value you think they are going to bring to the Tron ecosystem?

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We’re currently working on an NFT marketplace and token swap. By the end of this year, we’ll release a social rewards app too. Our users will be able to experience Tron blockchain at a whole new level. They’ll be able to buy and trade tokens and get rewards through our social app. Please check our upcoming NFT marketplace site at

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The Hackathon is about Tron and BTTC, does it make sense to include what you are building for another chain in it. I think it should make more sense if you focus on only the value you are bringing on Tron/BTTC networks even though you are going multi chain with your project

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Another better late than never type settings

I see the project aims to create a new economy of Tron and Klever tokens, providing users with opportunities to buy and trade various tokens seamlessly.

Can you provide more details about the security measures implemented to protect users’ assets and data?

They are saying that you are very late for the hackaton, I am wondering that how are you going to run any project well if you cannot keep to time, thank