Trons World & Klever World

Project Name: Trons World & Klever World
Project Track: Integration
Team Name: TronsWorld team
Team Member(s): Tron Bell (this is my real name), Shaun
HackerEarth Project Link:
Project Goal: We’re planning to publish many products that will use our TRC20 and TRC721 tokens during this year.
Project Value: Our project aims to create a new economy of Tron and Klever tokens. We’ll enable users to buy and trade TRX, KLV, NFT tokes, TRC20 tokens, and Klever KDA using our platforms. This will a new exciting opportunity for users who are looking for seamless integration of Tron and Klever.
Project Info: We’re merging the power of blockchain technology with your favorite electronics and games, creating an unparalleled experience that’s secure, transparent, and rewarding.
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: Please follow this video guideline. Trons World & Klever World on Vimeo
Project Details: Trons World & Klever World is a new ecosystem of TRC20, TRC721 tokens. We’re working on a lot of products based on our TronsWorld (TRW) and KleverWorld (KLW) TRC20 tokens.
Smart Contract links: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
Project Milestones: We just finished our ITO page and NFT marketplace. We’re now working on our swap and social rewards app. Please stay tuned for more updates. We’ll build exciting TRON and Klever products throughout this year!


Latte already. Submission ended about 4 hours ago

I submitted my entry to devpost two days ago. It was before the deadline. But the problem was this forum. Manger gave me ‘basic’ status yesterday so I can start a thread but he didn’t fully enable my account until this evening. Please understand. Thanks.

Coming too late bro.

Man, what is this?? A website with a roadmap?

you are in builder and integration and and the top defi.
check your submission team is an ITO site. You can purchase TRW or KLW tokens on the site and use them on our NFT marketplace We’ll release swap, social rewards app based on this system.

your website doesn’t even working, you need to provide MVB to pass later stages and you submitted late. what’s the point of this website?

and sorry but your format is not corrected, you didn’t even choose the correct tag. disappointment

The website is working and it’s an ITO site. Please check our marketplace:

Please can the Admins @WindsOfChange92 @SimbadMarino @admin.hackathon confirm if this submission is valid since we have already crossed the deadline for project submission


My entry was submitted two days before the deadline. The reason I created thread a little late is because of an administrative error. The manager forgot to give me full privilege to my account. I can show you screenshots of hackatron manager’s messages.

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Then that’s more reason they need to come clear your eligibility in the hackathon

We usually receive a huge amount of requests inflow in the last days of submission. Due to the fact we have to fight back spammers, bots, etc we might oversee some legit hackathon participants. If the delay is caused by hackathon admins we consider submissions as valid, now we are in the process of filtering projects which did not follow the rules.

Hope this have clarified things, tronmaster reached out to us before deadline, this post is valid. Project is still under review to make sure it follows all rules and expectations from a hackathon submission.

Thank you for your understanding :slight_smile:


@SimbadMarino Thank you for clarifying that! I’m very honored to be a part of Hackathon Season 6!


OK thanks for clarifying this :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

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Your project lacks important details that will aid easy understanding to what you are offering. For instance in the Project Value section, you wrote $1,000,000+ and I wonder what you mean by that. I believe that section should contain the value your project is bringing to the Tron/BTTC communities and not figures. Can you please look at how other participants have published their post and make edit to your post to contain all the necessary information.


Thanks for your feedback. $1,000,000 is an estimate value for the project if everything goes well as intended. I have updated the section.

You joined some days ago. And your project track still not defined. You shouldn’t be in builders track.

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Thanks for your feedback! I have updated that.