TronVerse Goes Mobile!

TronVerse goes Mobile

The TronVerse team is excited to share that TronVerse is now available to download on all Android devices through the Google Play Store.

You can Download TronVerse Mobile here: Download TronVerse

This marks an important step in development opening up TronVerse to Billions of people around. Additionally, TronVerse Mobile also allows those who do not own a Desktop computer to participate in the TronVerse to play and earn.

IOS in Development

The IOS version of TronVerse Mobile is currently in development. While we do not have a specific date for the launch of TronVerse IOS at this time we do expect development to progress rapidly.


TronVerse Mobile is utilizing the “Web3Pin” technology brought to you by Apexgo. The Web3Pin enables any user to link their wallet with their mobile device to prove ownership of assets. This link allows users in TronVerse to be able to play with their Tron Bulls.

To enable this function, users will need to sign up for an Apexgo account at

Once you have signed up for an Account at Apexgo you will need to add your wallet. From there, you will be able to create a Web3Pin as per the graphic below.

To Find out more about Web3Pin please visit the Apexgo Web3Pin Informational Page.


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