TrūQoin - Crypto Mining Activity Rewards

Project Name: [TrūQoin - Crypto Mining Cooperative]
Project Track: [Web3]
Team Name: Administrators

  1. TruQoin
    Dan Lutz @TruQoin
    Preston @pstewart

  2. Admin TrūIQ
    Jason @SavoyLLC

Team Member(s):
3. Miners from Season 2
-None- @Cmg20602
-None- @Ana 17466
-None- @ricky17890
16751-EFG @16751EFG
17329 TRUQOIN EMI @EmzBiz17329
17463 Mitchelle Kaye @17463 Mitchelle Kaye
17792Genuine @Genuine17792
Aaron @17386 CBX4Health
Algie Samontina @Algie18239
arcely donnell @19723arcely
arcely donnell @19723arcely
Armin @19468 Arminda
Edwina R Pacis @20589Edwina
Emy Ferenal @Emy18064
Genevieve Paragat @Genevieve18080
George D. Miklos @Gdman1
Hector L. Salazar S @17704HEctorSalazar
Imun James S D @19942-IMUN
Jess Dizon @20530 Jess
Jet23 @Jenn17464
joel himalaloan @Joel 19772
Luzette Pressley De @CBX4LOVE17846
Malakias Ferenal @Malakias18375
Manuel P Pacis @20563manny
Mar20052 @Mar20052
Marcelo Lobido @Mars
Maricris @Maricris19612
Mary Ann Dumaguit @Maan19539
Nora @20204Nora
Rhyme Lacson @Rhyme18320
Rose Tayo @RoseTayo18048
shem @17896Shem
steven a fauci @17796
Susan H Fran @SHFRAN19665
Timothy Halifax @Thalifax20361
VIVIAN MENDOZA @19614-VMendoza

DevPost URL:

Project Goal:
TrūQoin integrates blockchain technology with a tradition business, wherein the total value of the activities that create value for the TrūIQ business are interwoven and synced with market value of the TrūQoin . What is good for the business is good for the value of the coin, what is good for the value of the coin is good for the value of the business.

Project Info:
PitchDeck-TrūQoin-4-July24’22_compressed.pdf (5.5 MB)

Project Website:

  1. Information

  2. TrūIQ Global product sales.

  3. Mining Site with TronLink login

Project Test Instructions:
:white_check_mark: Add TronLink wallet extenstion :jigsaw:
to your Chrome/Opera/FireFox Browser

:white_check_mark: Copy your TronLink wallet address and
:pencil2: Paste it to a note/document

:white_check_mark: Make a TrūIQ Global account from the
button “Join TrūIQ” in the article
:point_right: [](https://Join TrūIQ as a Miner)

:small_orange_diamond: OUTSIDE USA
When it ask for your address you will need to use City State Zip Code in the USA to complete the sign up. This address is for shipping products and you will be able to change it later if you will be receiving products in your country.
Suggest using ( Salt Lake City, UT 84111 )
The other fields for address you can put N/A

:white_check_mark: Copy your Miner number
:pencil2: Paste it to a note/document
:lollipop: Miner number is the Independent Brand Partner number. See your registration email you received or see the “View Tree” button in your back office.

:white_check_mark: In your TrūIQ Global account look for “View My Tree” and under your name will be a number has your Independent Brand partner number below your name.

:white_check_mark: Added your TronLink Wallet address to your TrūIQ Global backoffice.
:lollipop: See Mining button on left side
:lollipop: Then see the Wallet tab.
:lollipop: Paste your TronLink wallet address in there.
(Note: You only need to paste it there. There is not button to push)

When your Miner Wallet ID has been updated you will be able to log into the Mining site.

[Join TrūIQ Global to Mine TrūQoin (website version) - YouTube](https://How to Join Video (8 Minutes))

Project Details:
TrūQoin is a mining-based cryptocurrency, living as a WEB3 DAPP on the TRON Blockchain. TrūQoin uses a different form of work than Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work model. TrūQoin uses the work of all the people, whose activities in the physical business TrūIQ Global, as the “Proof” that “Work” was used in the mining and this “Proves” that “Value” is created. The work/activity in this Proof-of-Activity-Mining model is rewarded as Mining Power. The more Mining Power a Miner gains and the larger amount of TrūQoin rewards the miner for their activity.

TrūIQ Marketers sales of TrūIQ products are the only Activity that completes a Block of TrūQoin.
Each TrūIQ Marketer that completes a sale adds to the transaction count to mine a Block of TrūQoin. Only those Marketers that join TrūQoin Crypto Mining Cooperative are rewarded with Mining Activity Points.

TrūIQ Miners are rewarded with Points for the Activity of both buying and selling TrūQoin TRQ.
Every transaction on the Blockchain has two sides, both Buyer and a Seller are adding to positive value and are rewarded with Activity Points.

The “Good Activity” is rewarded by coin. Points are used to determine the percentage of coins captured in each Mining Block. The more points you have the more TrūQoin you can mine at the completion of each Block.

Each Activity Points represents a percentage of TrūQoin mined in a Block. Points have no monetary value. Points determine a percentage of TrūQoin captured from a Mining Block. The more points you have the more TrūQoin you can mine at the completion of each Block. The percent amount is only determined at the time a Block is completed.

Proof-of-Activity-Mining (PoAM)
TrūQoin unique coin model called Proof of Activity Mining (PoAM) that creates Utility, Scarcity, and Perceived Value. TrūQoin value comes from the activity of the business that creates value. The PoAM model looks at what activities are creating transactions for product sales for TrūIQ Global business as measured by sales volume and what activities creates sales volume for TrūQoin sales in the market. There are two “2” activities that are tied together to create value for both the business and the Cryptocurrency; as an Integrated Business Token.

[TruQoin Pitch Deck July24'22 12minutes - YouTube](https://Pitch Deck Video (12 minutes))

Project Milestones:
The first 4 block are pre-mined from the sales of TruIQ products since 2020 to March 2022. Each of these blocks added 105,000 TRQ to the current supply, out os a maximum of 21 milloin TRQ. This totals 420,000 TRQ and was split 50%/50% between the miners and the DEX/Operations.

The 210,000 TRQ for the DEX supplies the DEX-On-Boarding-System (DOBS) and sales started June 7th at 0.1 TRON per TrūQoin (TRQ). Sales are in 100 coin Catches and 311 Catches have sold as of July 25th. After each sale the price increases 0.1 TRON, and the current price per TRQ is 33.1 TRON.

There is a 10 day timer at the DOBS Catch sales page that resets after every Catch sale. The price will continue to increase 0.1 TRON until the timer reaches zero. This will be the price that TrūQoin is list for when launched on the DEX.

Anyone can watch the sales of Catches as long as their TronLink wallet is active when going to the mining site. In order to buy a Catch you will need to join TruIQ. There is no cost to join.

Buyers of Catches have seen masive amount of Mining Power from Catch sales. Point are calculated based on the number of TRON to buy the Catch multiplied by the number of Catches the Miner has purchased. This shows many miners buying multiple Catches.

These Mining Points will be applied to the Block 5 which is currently 70% completed and should finish in about 4 weeks. The Catch miner Point will represent the majority of the coin disbursement.

Next Milestone will be the launch of TruSwap Plus DEX.


Nice innovative concept


You can not participate with the same project in this hackathon as in season 2. This is clear in the rules. Nothing in this post indicates that anything new have been built and your videos are even the exact same as for the last hackathon.


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This is a really great concept that goes with the fact that trx will change the world. I wish a lot of people get aware of this initiative and embrace it

Season 3 is for completed projects.

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