TRX721 === ERC721 ? && BitTorrent && Graph Hackathon22 Questions

Hi there!

Just like in the title, I am building a project for Tron Hackathon 22, but since it’s my first experience building on Tron I have a couple of questions. I need to use NFTs as profiles in my app, so normally I would use OpenZeppelin’s ERC721 ready contracts since it’s EVM compatible and I have found out that it should work. But isn’t it better to use TRX721 as a part of Tron ecosystem, are they the same and can I just import them from somewhere in my app and execute the same methods?

Next question is related to IPFS - generally I have used as a hosting for static files, but I see that in documentation devs are encouraged to use BitTorrent, so is there any client sdk like to easily host the files?

Last but not least, I will need to create a subgraph to query the data on the frontend, so is there any dedicated tool such as Graph for querying the data from Tron?

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  1. ERC721 or TRC721 really depends on your own needs. Please refer to the TRC721 introduction from Protocol Interface

  2. Try BTFS NFT Hub regarding BTFS.

  3. Graph does not support Tron Network, try trongrid instead. Background

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BTFS is really lacking compared to IPFS if we are talking about sdks. Basically no way to have a script that uploads to BTFS programmatically. Will you use ipfs or btfs?


Of course I would prefer to use BTFS as a part of supporting TRON infrastructure. However, if it’s not possible I may consider not implementing file hosting at all.